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Rush ‑ Order Tracking & Lookup

by Rush Ltd

Order Tracker, Track Package, Shipment Tracking, Order Status

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When customers visit your website to track their order, they'll be able to see your custom-branded order tracking page. This page will provide them with real-time package tracking of their shipment, so they can always know where their order is. You can integrate with over 600 different carriers, so you can provide your customers with the most options for shipping.You can use smart-triggered notifications to keep your customers up-to-date on the status of their shipment. These notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or push notification. You can also provide customers with all the shipment tracking info they need so they can track their order themselves. This will reduce the number of support tickets you receive and the workload for your customer service team.Our order tracker will also provide you with detailed in-app analytics. This will help you to improve shipping performance and upgrade your package tracking system. You'll have access to many different reports that will give you insights into how you can improve your shipping process.


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