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LinkPop Shopify App Review - Should You Use It?

Published on Apr 25, 2024

By default, you can have only one link in the bio in the Shopify store, and having only a single link in the bio of your social media profiles presents challenges. 

With different and multiple links, you can diversify your sales approach and direct potential customers towards different conversion points. It is painfully clear that this Shopify restriction hurts sales and the ability to send customers to different products or pages with one click.

This review will focus on the LinkPop Shopify app, which is solving this problem. We will discuss how Shopify store owners can use this free link-in-bio tool to significantly boost sales from social media, and we will also cover other strategies to use LinkPop effectively to enhance the performance of your online store and increase customer engagement.

What is LinkPop?

LinkPop is a Shopify app link-in-bio solution designed to create shoppable landing pages accessible through social media profiles. It allows users to consolidate multiple links into a single, customizable page, ideal for social media platforms where direct linking is limited. 

This app transforms the traditional ‘link in bio’ into a dynamic feature, which allows your customers to make a purchase directly through Instagram or TikTok without a need to visit an external website. This is often critical for conversion since more and more users are hesitant to leave their personal data and card details on a previously unknown website.

LinkPop features 

LinkPop app is one of the simplest Shopify apps, but it is still rich with various features.

Straightforward checkout process

LinkPop uses Shopify's quick and secure checkout process to ensure a smooth transaction experience for customers. By leaving buyers within a well-known territory, and avoiding sending them towards a third-party website, this feature boosts the conversion rate.

One unified shareable link

This feature lets you create a single, shareable link that can be placed in social media bios on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and others. Having an ultimate shareable link you can use on your social media profiles connects the dots and enhances customer experience.

Inclusion of shoppable links

LinkPop on Shopify allows shoppable links that sync with a merchant's product catalog, providing detailed information needed for customer purchases. Each retailer can display up to 200 links on their account.

Product links and browsing

The 'Browse Products' button on shoppable links displays products from your store. Customers can add products directly to the LinkPop page from the sales channel, and rearrange items and links by clicking and dragging. Merchants can also upload custom images for each product link to enhance visual appeal.

Customization of styles

Under the 'Style' tab, merchants can change the background color or add a unique background image. Other customization options include changing the logo, font style, and more, although customization options are more limited than other bio-link services.

Bio details customization

The 'Bio' tab allows users to upload a logo, add a store name and description, and include social media handles for further personalization of the LinkPop page.

Advanced analytics feature

LinkPop's free Analytics Tool is crucial for tracking engagement. It enables merchants to test content and product performance, offering insights into which links and products perform best. This tool is integrated with Shopify Analytics, providing a comprehensive view of how shoppable links affect conversions and sales.

Is LinkPop free?

LinkPop is free to use! There are no subscription fees or setup costs. Shopify developed this app to fix their lackluster default settings, so it is not such a surprise that this app is free.

LinkPop reviews

LinkPop has received mixed reviews. Users appreciate its ease of use and integration with Shopify, but some report reliability issues and limited customization options compared to some of the competitors. Their rating is currently hovering just under 3.0, at 2.9 stars.

LinkPop pros & cons

Like any other Shopify app, LinkPop also has its pros and cons. Here are the most prominent ones:


  • Free to use
  • Simple setup and integration with Shopify
  • Customizable landing page


  • Limited design flexibility
  • Some users report downtime and reliability issues
  • Not for enterprise businesses

Who should use LinkPop?

LinkPop app is suitable for Shopify store owners looking to integrate their e-commerce activities directly with their social media presence

It's also beneficial for influencers or content creators who regularly share product links or other content.

Every small to medium business that is advertising via social media will benefit from this app. Having a tool that will convert potential customers from social media and drive them directly to your store is extremely beneficial.

Who shouldn’t use LinkPop?

Businesses seeking extensive customization or advanced analytics might find LinkPop limiting. Those requiring above-average design flexibility or higher reliability may prefer alternative solutions.

Enterprise businesses that are well-known brands and have their presence across different channels don’t have a real need for this tool, because they can leverage their infrastructure and convert customers in a variety of ways.

How to use LinkPop?

Using LinkPop on Shopify is straightforward, you can just check our short guide below:

  1. Install the LinkPop app from the Shopify App Store
  1. Connect it to your Shopify store or set it up independently
  1. Customize your page by adding links, adjusting styles, and configuring settings
  1. Publish the link to your social media bio

LinkPop examples

Typical uses of LinkPop include a single landing page linking to a Shopify store's multiple product pages, or a content creator's page featuring links to their most recent video content, social profiles, and merchandise.

What are our thoughts on LinkPop?

LinkPop is a practical tool for Shopify users aiming to simplify their social media marketing. While it offers great basic functionalities for free, its limitations in customization and occasional reliability issues might not suit everyone's needs. 

If you are just starting out on Shopify, this is an extremely useful tool. With it, you can connect your social media pages to your store, open several channels of traffic, and increase your conversion rates significantly. 

If we are talking about an enterprise business, LinkPop is redundant, because every developed and well-known brand has very developed channels for conversion already.


Can I use LinkPop on multiple social media platforms?

Yes, LinkPop works across various platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

How do I add links to my Linkpop page?

Links can be added by logging into your Linkpop dashboard, clicking 'Add Link', and entering the URL and title for each link.

How does LinkPop affect my store's SEO?

LinkPop doesn’t directly impact SEO but can increase site traffic, potentially benefiting SEO indirectly.


LinkPop is a free app developed directly by Shopify. It serves as a kind of “patch” in a Shopify ecosystem, erasing the default settings that didn’t allow an easy linkable interconnection. 

This app can help new Shopify users and other small and medium businesses connect their shop with social media accounts in a direct way. 

There are reports that the app is unstable and not working properly at times, so you should be careful before installing it, and if you decide to go for it, check its functionality from time to time.

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After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle.

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