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PageFly Shopify App Review - Is This Page Builder Worth It?

Published on Oct 19, 2023

PageFly stands out as one of the leading Shopify apps, ranked within the top 20 in the Shopify app store. 

This landing page builder is praised for its effectiveness, but what sets it apart? Are there any limitations? And how does it compare to the myriad Shopify themes available to e-commerce merchants?

In this review, we'll explore these, and all other aspects of PageFly landing page builder, providing a comprehensive review of this Shopify app.

What is PageFly?

PageFly is a drag-and-drop page builder you can use for your Shopify store. It allows the creation of various Shopify pages such as homepages, product and collection pages, blogs, and landing pages.

With PageFly landing page builder you can start from scratch or you can use over 100 templates for quick setup without requiring any coding skills.

All that's needed is a vision, and PageFly Shopify will provide you with all the necessary tools to customize page elements with precision. Since its inception in 2017, PageFly has risen to prominence and become one of the most popular Shopify apps.

PageFly features

PageFly has several stand-out features that set it apart from its competition. As a page-building app, they needed to offer various options to Shopify users as tools to boost their store’s appearance and ranking. In our opinion, they managed to do it successfully. Here is the list of PageFly Shopify stand-out features:

  • Page templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Analytics
  • Integrations
  • 24/7 support

Page templates

Over 100 conversion-optimized templates are available, catering to various needs like seasonal sales, landing pages, and product pages. These templates offer deep customization options, from button sizes and colors to animations and accordion sections, enabling a professional store appearance that is oriented towards converting visitors.

Drag and drop page builder

This intuitive tool allows for real-time edits, including adding, modifying, or removing sections and elements without coding. 

Users can craft and replicate section templates for consistent branding across the store.

Of course, if you know how to code, you can use your skills — advanced users have the option to tweak CSS for finer design control.


PageFly includes an analytics suite to monitor page performance, tracking metrics like conversion rates, views, and revenue. 

A dashboard provides insights across different page types, assisting in data-driven decisions. This app organizes data better than the default Shopify analytics page, although you won’t get much additional data to work with.


The app supports a wide array of Shopify apps for enhancing store functionality, including tools for reviews, upselling, cross-selling, and email marketing, to streamline operations and growth. 

Integrate it with other top-rated apps that boost other segments of your Shopify store for maximum effect and performance.

24/7 support

PageFly is among the apps that offer 24/7 support to its users, but one of the rare ones that really delivers. Even live chat is available to users on a free plan, they are replying very fast, so you will never wait for hours or even days for someone to get back to you.

PageFly Pricing

PageFly pricing is formatted in a way that really suits customers’ needs, and it is very rare to see it. 

There is a free plan available, for users who want to test the app, and the “Pay as you go” plan showcases the smart system they implemented. 

You start at $24 monthly and you have five slots. If you want to add more slots, the price is getting higher, but the more slots you add, the less you pay per slot. PageFly also offers the “Unlimited” package at $99 monthly and an unlimited number of slots.

Free plan

The free plan is for customers who want to test the app, and for users that are just getting started on Shopify. You will definitely need to upgrade the plan since it is offering one slot only (one slot is equal to one published page/section), but it is good for testing the app.

In the Free plan, you will get all app features, 24/7 live chat support, and limited tracking sections. If you want unlimited blog post pages, you will have to pay an additional $49 per month, while you won’t have access to video call support.

Pay-as-you-go plan

Pay-as-you-go plan costs $24 per month with five slots attached. The features you get are the same as in the Free plan. You can buy up to 50 slots with this plan, and the cost is $69 per month in that case.

That means you are paying $4.8 per slot with the lowest amount of slots, and only $1.38 per slot with the highest amount of slots.

Unlimited plan

The unlimited plan costs $99 monthly, and it offers the ultimate package with exclusive services. You have unlimited slots, priority customer support including the video call option, unlimited tracking sections, and unlimited blog post pages.

Enterprise Shopify users definitely need this plan to make the most out of this app.

PageFly pros and cons

After using PageFly landing page builder we had many more things to like than to dislike. There were only a few shortcomings that didn’t affect the overall feeling of the app.


PageFly’s intuitive and powerful page editor stands out by offering users unprecedented control over their online store's design, enabling the flexible addition and editing of elements, rows, and columns within each section. This functionality extends to responsive design options, where users can select specific screens, to design for, either individually or across all devices simultaneously. They even have the option for automatic mobile optimization.

Also, PageFly has a wide array of Shopify app integrations directly from the page builder, allowing users to enhance their store with popular apps to increase conversions and engagement. 

Another significant advantage is the ability to use this app on top of an existing Shopify theme, eliminating the need to rebuild the store from scratch and offering the freedom to adjust and arrange elements flexibly. 

Lastly, PageFly enables users to achieve their desired design outcomes without the need for coding, thanks to its detailed customization capabilities that allow for precise adjustments to every element.


Despite the intuitive design, new users may find it slightly challenging to navigate initially, due in part to its complexity compared to Shopify's native page builder. 

However, this complexity is often justified by its extensive customization options, which many users find worth the initial learning curve. On the financial side, PageFly's broad functionality is reflected in its pricing structure. 

While there is a free version that allows the publishing of a single page, fully leveraging the platform for a functioning store necessitates opting for one of the paid plans, which can be a consideration for those managing budget constraints. 

Also, lacking A/B testing is problematic for enterprise Shopify users.

How do users rate PageFly?

PageFly has good reviews, which isn’t surprising since it is one of the top Shopify apps. Most of the users like the number of templates available and user-friendly design, and the biggest flaw is pricing and lacking A/B testing options.

Who is it for?

PageFly landing page builder is designed for Shopify store owners seeking a user-friendly yet effective page customization tool. Ideal for those who appreciate granular control over website elements such as headings, QR codes, and buttons, this app serves as an excellent choice.

It proves particularly advantageous for managing various page types, including blog pages, product pages, and home pages. 

Essentially, for anyone aiming to enhance their online store's appearance without going into complex coding, PageFly offers a compelling solution.

Who is it not for?

PageFly may not be the ideal choice for everyone. Newcomers to e-commerce could be daunted by the extensive array of features it offers. Although there is a free version, access to the more sophisticated functionalities requires a paid subscription, which might be prohibitive for new or small businesses.

Also, for those interested in immediate A/B testing capabilities, this app falls short as it necessitates third-party integrations for these features. 

Additionally, users dedicated to specific themes, such as Dawn, may find they need to undertake additional backend coding to ensure compatibility, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Our thoughts about the PageFly Shopify app

After using PageFly paid and free plans, here are our thoughts on its features.

User interface

Upon first accessing PageFly, the dashboard's simplicity is amazing, offering an immediate push towards productivity. However, adding complex elements occasionally leads to lag, a small but disruptive flaw in an otherwise great experience.

Customization capabilities

The customization features are a highlight, with the drag-and-drop functionality intuitively mirroring the user's thought process. Yet, advanced customization is reserved for higher-tier plans.

Analytics dashboard

The analytics dashboard offers insightful metrics critical for informed decision-making. Oddly, activating cookies is a manual process—a step we believe should be automatic for such a crucial feature.

Theme compatibility

Our attempt to integrate PageFly with the Dawn theme was less than ideal, requiring backend coding to resolve compatibility issues. This poses a challenge for those lacking coding expertise.

Lack of A/B testing

The absence of native A/B testing in an app as sophisticated as PageFly is very strange. Relying on third-party tools for such a fundamental functionality feels like an unnecessary complication.


Exploring PageFly's pricing tiers reveals a platform geared towards more established Shopify store owners. The significant leap from free to paid plans underscores a focus on advanced features over accessibility for newcomers.


Is there a step-by-step tutorial on the PageFly app for Shopify merchants?

Yes, extensive tutorials are available on their help page.

How good is the customer support on PageFly? 

They have a great support team that is available 24/7.

Is PageFly good for Shopify blogging?

PageFly offers basic blogging options. For the advanced users, we recommend installing Bloggle.

Summing things up

PageFly presents itself as a potent option for enhancing a Shopify store, though it's not without its caveats

Issues such as limited theme compatibility and no built-in A/B testing, alongside a pricing strategy that favors the more experienced, mark it as a tool best suited for Shopify enterprise owners. 

Despite these considerations, this app could be the key for serious merchants aiming to scale their Shopify business.

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After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle.

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