Shogun vs PageFly vs GemPages

Here’s a quick breakdown of how PageFly vs Shogun vs GemPages stacks up in features. We’ve also added Bloggle to the chart to see how it ranks with the other page builders.

Blog Builder

Page Builder

Customer Support



Blog Layout





























PageFly vs Shogun vs GemPages: Which is Best for You?

There are many reviews out there that compare the market’s leading Shopify page builders; PageFly, Shogun, and GemPages. But having built a Shopify page builder ourselves (for blogs), we have a deep understanding of how these tools differ and how they might suit certain marketers or store owners more than others.

We’ll provide insight into which page builder is best for:

Different types of pages

Specific features or use cases

Quick page creation using templates

Usability and overall experience (and more)

But first, what types of pages are you building?

To best understand which page builder is right for you, it’s important to establish which pages you’re looking to create and optimize with a page builder.All-in-one page builders like PageFly, Shogun, and GemPages are great solutions to help you customize all types of pages including products, collections, about us, homepage, etc. But when it comes to specialist features, the apps themselves differ.

Here is our overview of the best page builders for different types of pages, hover the one you are looking for :

Product pages
Blog posts
Collection pages
Landing pages
Home pages
About/contact pages
FAQ pages

Many marketers and store owners look to use an all-in-one page builder to create blog posts, when there are specialist solutions like Bloggle available that:
1. Has more blog-specific features
2. Integrates better with your Shopify blog
3. Offers more advanced SEO features

Continue reading for an in-depth breakdown of our app, Bloggle.

Or if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, click here to jump to our comparison of PageFly, Shogun, and GemPages.

Bloggle overview

Best page builder for blog posts

Bloggle is a no-code blog editor and builder for Shopify. The app allows you to create beautiful, conversion-focused, and SEO-optimized blog posts in minutes with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, visual builder.

In short, Bloggle enables you to:

Embed single products and product collections within your content

Easily add email signup forms in key areas of your posts

Create a beautiful blog layout and design

Build reusable templates to quickly create blog posts

Optimize for organic traffic with simple SEO suggestions

Positives of Bloggle

Easy to use: Most Shopify apps require a steep learning curve which is challenging for beginners. Bloggle is intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor.

Responsive customer support: Bloggle’s support team is reliable, always on standby, and has an excellent eye for detail.

Time saver: Creating and publishing a great blog post takes an average of four hours. With Bloggle, you can reduce the time significantly, thanks to the ready-to-use templates.

Affordable: A free 14-days trial is perfect for testing the app. Pricing plans begin at $25/month to $49/month for our rich features premium plan.

SEO capabilities: The blog editor’s full-suite SEO tool goes beyond page titles and meta descriptions. It helps you optimize your posts to rank high on search engines, even if you don’t know much about SEO.

Downsides of Bloggle

Limited to blogs: Bloggle doesn’t have capabilities outside of creating blogs for your Shopify store.

Blog Post Editor

Bloggle has a whole section dedicated to creating blog posts. It’s a drag-and-drop blog editor with multiple elements required to write and design posts.

You can add a table of content, buttons, images and text using your preferred font styles. You can also integrate it with Klaviyo and other apps.

The most popular editor feature is the ability to embed products within the content to visually show the product and drive traffic to pages that generate sales.

SEO scoring tool

On the right side of the blog editor, Bloggle has a full-suite SEO tool for writing SEO-optimized blog posts.

Tools like PageFly or Shogun only allow you to create meta titles and descriptions, whereas Bloggle’s SEO tool shows you exactly what to do to optimize your post. 

For example, it’ll ask you to define a focus keyword, add a featured image, and internal links. It will also show the correct word count and a score anytime you implement suggestions.

Templates and blog schedulers

Bloggle provides numerous customizable design templates for creating blogs. You also have the option of making new templates from scratch.

Once you've finished writing your blog posts, you can schedule them to be published instantly or at a later date. 

Starting at $25/month

SEO score analyzer

Unlimited blog posts

Post scheduler

Klaviyo integration (premium)

Template library

Product embedding


Bloggle offers a free 10-day trial. You get everything you’d have on a paid plan without pre-payment. That’s enough time to test and see that it’s an incredible addition to your online store.

PageFly overview

Most flexible pricing 

PageFly is a Shopify page builder for product pages, landing pages, FAQs, collection pages, blog pages and more. 

To use the app select a page type, your preferred template, and customize it to your liking, using the drag-drop editor.

Positives of PageFly

E-commerce integrations - It has an extensive list of e-commerce integrations to help you get more conversions.

Promote quality content -  PageFly has tools such as social media presence, FOMO effects, and in-page SEO tools that push you to create high-quality content. 

Intuitive interface - It is easy to get started with PageFly. Plus, the drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to construct web pages, blog posts, and product pages, as it doesn’t limit how much you can edit. 

Downsides of PageFly

Lacks A/B testing feature - You need to integrate PageFly with a third party like Google Analytics to conduct split tests for your pages.

Not compatible with some themes - PageFly isn’t compatible with specific themes like Dawn. You need to add additional codes to the backend of your store to make it integrable.

Page builder

As its primary focus, PageFly offers an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. 

You can choose a variety of pages, including the home page, product page, sales page, about page, etc.

The platform also provides 70 templates that you can easily customize to your liking. With a bit of design skill, you can build an entire store using homepage templates, about us pages templates, landing pages, and blog post templates. 

E-commerce integrations

PageFly allows you to integrate with your favorite tools to get more conversions.

For example, you can combine it with Mailchimp to collect emails, Loox to embed photo reviews on your platform, and Paywhirl to create customer subscription plans. 

Other integrations include Rivyo, Yotpo, Growave, Klaviyo, Ali reviews, and


PageFly comes with over 50 elements which are the building blocks of your pages. 

Adding elements like paragraphs, headings, QR codes, and buttons is a seamless process thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality.  

Furthermore, you can edit the pre-made elements such as slide shows, accordions, tabs, etc. 

You can also use conversion-oriented elements like a sales countdown timer and add-to-cart buttons to boost conversions.

Pay as you go


All app features

24/7 live chat support.



All app features

Unlimited tracking sessions

Speed optimization support

Video call support

Unlimited blog post pages


PageFly has a free plan, but you aren’t able to experience its full ability. So you’ll probably want to jump to a paid plan as soon as possible.

Shogun overview

Most feature-rich page builder

Shogun’s interface is compact and intuitive when it comes to creating your pages. Its A/B testing feature performs well without third-party tools. Shogun is well-suited for established enterprises or big online stores that need a robust tool to accommodate complex designs. 

However, all these come at an extra cost, as you'll see later in its pricing plans.

Positives of shogun

Templates  - Shogun offers a massive template library for pages and elements that are easy to edit and customize using the drag-and-drop editor.

Easy to use - Shogun is intuitive and provides a flexible solution to creating Shopify pages without having to hire an expensive UX/UI designer.

SEO fixes - You can quickly optimize Shogun’s pages for SEO using meta descriptions and titles.

Downsides of shogun

Basic elements - Some elements like content blocks are outdated, which might not be ideal for advanced users.

Pay more to get more approach - Most of Shogun’s essential features are only available in the top tier plans, like analytics, split testing features, and page export.

Drag and drop page editor

Shogun’s page editor allows you to design single product pages for entire sites. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and provides an excellent experience, even for beginners.

You can get started with 30+ templates to create unlimited pages. If that's not enough, you get 33 drag-and-drop elements, including advanced forms and countdown timers, to make your page more appealing.

The only downside is that premium drag-and-drop capabilities and custom builder elements are only available on the more expensive plans.

Analytics and metrics

You want insights into your store's performance for better decision-making. Shogun doesn’t use a third-party tool for this.  

The metrics tool is inbuilt and shows you critical metrics like bounce rates, the number of sessions, adds-to-cart, and form submissions. 

This information is presented in an eye-catching dashboard, as shown in the image below.

Split testing

Shogun is the only Shopify page builder that allows split testing without using a third-party tool.

To do that, start by creating two or three versions of your product page. Once done, Shogun will calculate to determine which page will perform better. It then automatically chooses the winner for you.

While that’s a feature any Shopify owner would kill for, it's only available on the more expensive plan. So keep that in mind if you're working on a tight budget.

Build plan


25 pages

Unlimited snippets

Mobile responsive design

Custom snippets

Image optimization

Mesure plan


Everything listed on the “Build” plan

250 pages with four access accounts

Live chat support

Page analytics

Content scheduling

Advanced plan


Unlimited custom pages

Allows ten users

Audit logs

Custom data collections

Annual billings


Shogun’s pricing is quite steep.The free plan includes limited features like the drag-and-drop editor and SEO controls. Once you’ve tested it out, you can get started with these plans.

GemPages overview

Most templates and elements

GemPages offer the same features as PageFly and Shogun.

However, it gives you unlimited pages regardless of the pricing plan. This is huge for Shopify owners who have a lot of pages to create.

On the downside, it’s not as feature-rich as Shogun. Therefore, it only comes in handy when you want to build custom landing pages with static info.

Still, it does well in page creation, thanks to its high-converting page templates, page builder elements, and the drag-and-drop editor.

Positives of gempages

More features for less - Unlike Shogun and PageFly, which offer more features as you climb the ladder, GemPages give you pretty much what you need for a low cost.

Fast loading - GemPages uses CDN to ensure your fast pages load.

Excellent UI and interface - It has an excellent user interface. Anyone can get started quickly and take complete control of their website requirements.

Downsides of gempages

Glitches on different versions - Cases of incompatibilities have been reported across multiple devices. 

Customer Support - Some users complain that the customer support is unresponsive and doesn’t always offer much help and that questions are often forwarded to someone else. 

Customization and design

GemPages uses a robust page builder that helps you design home pages, landing pages, product pages, collection pages, etc.

Creating the pages is a simple process. You start by selecting the page type and then choosing an option from the numerous templates available. 

Shopify shop owners with basic coding skills haven’t been left out. You can add new code elements using the Liquid element to create highly customized sections.

Blocks and templates

GemPages blocks are the pre-designed sections of a page that you use to change design templates. They include coming soon, product grid, testimonials, social proof, blog style, etc.

You can customize them based on the product you’re selling and your preferences.

At the same time, you get beautiful page templates to get started with. 

The library has tens of templates including home pages, product pages, blog posts, and landing pages.

Elements library

Designing high-converting pages is possible using GemPages library of elements. They range from design tools, marketing, social tools, and e-commerce, as shown below.

Simply browse through and choose the options that rhyme with your needs.

Build plan


Everything in the “Trial”

Unlimited page types

A/B testing campaign

10 product page

20 blog posts

Optimize plan


Everything in ‘Build”

Unlimited published pages

Instant landing pages

20 A/B testing campaigns

Enterprise plan


Everything in “Optimize”

All app features

Unlimited A/B testing campaigns

Video call support

Priority support


GemPages has three pricing plans as follows and one Trial plan that include all page types with additional live chat support

PageFly vs Shogun vs GemPages: Templates

More templates and elements suggest you have the flexibility to create as many pages as possible to maximize conversions.

GemPages offers more flexibility with landing pages, home pages, product pages, collection pages, and blog post pages. You just need to choose a category and find what you like.

PageFly has 112 templates which are just enough to get you started.
Filter through the many options to get suitable designs for your product. You can even build multiple pages with a bit of customization.

Shogun offers only 30 quick-start templates from the “Build” plan upwards. But again, you get unlimited pages.

With Bloggle :

Things are quite different with Bloggle. Users have access to blog templates when writing articles for their page. The pre-made blog templates have different designs, text, and font styles. They’re also customizable, meaning you can tweak them to your Shopify store’s feel and theme.

Bloggle also allows you to create your templates from scratch if you have little design knowledge.

PageFly vs Shogun vs GemPages:

Hundreds of templates aren’t helpful if the tool’s drag-and-drop editor isn’t intuitive.All the tools have a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Therefore, creating pages shouldn’t take much time.
Another positive is that you don’t have to learn code to create, edit or customize your site.

The only difference comes in the number of elements provided and customization abilities.In terms of elements, GemPages beats Shogun and PageFly. Its elements are divided into three groups, design, marketing, and e-commerce, with each group having tens of elements for flexibility.

Shogun offers limitless options for customizing your page. It gives you over 70 page templates and over 30 elements, which is more than enough for individual users. Furthermore, it allows seamless custom page creation from scratch, thanks to the easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. However, that’s only available on the more expensive plan.

With Bloggle :

Bloggle’s drag-and-drop editor is equally intuitive. Since the goal is to create the most epic blog post for your store, Bloggle gives you 21 elements on the page builder. Simply choose one and drag it to any section of the article.

Furthermore, you can add pictures to your post. Most of our clients use this feature to include product images in their blog post.

Choosing the right page builder

To summarize:

If you’re looking for an all-in-one page builder, PageFly is best for you. 

 However, if you are looking to only optimize for landing pages, then Shogun is more suitable.

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable page builder, GemPages is the right option.

Finally, if you’re looking to create SEO- and conversion-focused blog posts for your Shopify store, then Bloggle is the best app for you.

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