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Matrixify Shopify App Review - Is it Worth it [2024]

Published on Nov 06, 2023

Matrixify Shopify app is designed to enhance the management of store data on Shopify. Every advanced Shopify user knows that the platform has lots of restrictions when it comes to importing, exporting, updating, and migrating any form of data. 

Matrixify founders also recognized the need for a specialized Shopify app in this field and developed a really neat solution that can solve all these problems.

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about Matrixify Shopify app, write about its features, and pricing, and assess the need for this app for every Shopify user, from small shop owners to enterprise businesses.

What is Matrixify?

In simplest terms, Matrixify is a Shopify app that helps store owners manage their data more effectively. It allows you to import, export, update, and migrate large amounts of data like products, customers, and orders

You can automate these processes to save time, and it supports data handling across various platforms like WooCommerce and Magento. 

This app is especially useful for businesses that need to handle complex data tasks within their Shopify stores.

Matrixify’s main features

You probably have a general idea of what the Matrixify Shopify app can do for your business already. 

However, it is good to know all the features of the app before paying a subscription. You can find all the standout Matrixify features below:

Bulk import and export

Matrixify supports the bulk import and export of various data types such as products, orders, customers, discounts, blog posts, and pages using Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets. 

This feature allows users to handle large volumes of data, making it suitable for initial store setups or regular data updates. 

The app auto-detects file encoding and can manage large files up to 10 GB in size, or 30 GB when compressed in ZIP format. This capability is critical for store owners managing extensive inventories or customer databases.

Data migration

The app facilitates fast and easy data migration from other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. 

It is designed to handle the transfer of various data types, including product catalogs, customer information, order history, and blog content. 

Matrixify ensures that all relevant details such as SEO metadata, product variations, and images are accurately migrated, maintaining the integrity and consistency of the data across platforms.

Automation and scheduling

Matrixify's automation and scheduling feature enables store owners to set up custom schedules for data imports and exports. 

This automation ensures that the store data is regularly updated without manual intervention, which is particularly useful for dynamic inventory changes or regular price updates. 

Users can configure these schedules to run at specific intervals, aligning data management tasks with their business operations, boosting their efficiency, and saving lots of time they would otherwise spend on repetitive and tiresome tasks.

Data management options

Customers can customize how data is imported or exported by applying filters and options that specify which data should be updated and how. For instance, store owners can choose to update only certain fields within a product database, like prices or stock levels, without needing to re-import the entire product list. 

This feature not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors during data handling.

Security features

Matrixify provides extensive security measures to protect sensitive data. Users can control access to their files by setting them to be private, ensuring that they are only accessible within the Matrixify Shopify app environment. 

Additionally, the app allows for the configuration of FTP/SFTP servers to securely transfer files to and from external systems, safeguarding data during transmission.

Customer support and documentation

Matrixify is complemented by extensive customer support and detailed documentation that assist users in navigating the app's features. 

The support team is accessible for troubleshooting and guidance, helping customers to resolve issues in the fastest way possible. 

The comprehensive documentation covers all functionalities of the app, from basic operations to advanced features, providing a valuable resource for users at all technical levels.

Integration capabilities

The integration capabilities of Matrixify extend to various digital tools and platforms, enhancing its utility. 

The app can connect with Google Sheets for real-time data updates, Dropbox for file storage, and FTP/SFTP servers for remote data access

These integrations facilitate a more connected and efficient ecosystem for Shopify store management, allowing users to take full advantage of their existing digital infrastructure.

Matrixify pricing & plans

Matrixify pricing is divided between four plans. The system is balanced, they are offering a free plan as well, so every Shopify user can test the app first, before deciding which paid plan suits their needs the best.

Demo plan (free)

The Demo plan is free and allows for 10 imports or exports per month. It is suitable for users who want to test the features of Matrixify on a small scale.

Basic plan

The Basic plan costs $20 per month and includes up to 5,000 product imports/exports, along with the ability to handle other data types like customers, collections, and pages. This plan is ideal for small businesses.

Big plan

Priced at $50 per month, the Big plan offers limits of 50,000 products and provides enhanced capabilities for handling customer and order data, suitable for larger businesses with substantial data management needs.

Enterprise plan

At $200 per month, the Enterprise plan provides unlimited imports and exports for all data types supported by Matrixify, with the fastest processing speeds. It is designed for very large enterprises or businesses with intensive data update needs.

How do users rate Matrixify on Shopify?

Matrixify Shopify app has a very high rating on the app store, with an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The majority of its ratings, 95%, are 5 stars, indicating strong customer satisfaction. The majority of reviews are about the efficiency in managing large product catalogs, Matrixify’s automation capabilities, and the supportive customer service provided by the team. It's noted for being particularly valuable in data migration and inventory management tasks, with many users stating that it has saved them considerable amounts of time and even reduced the need for additional staff.

Matrixify pros and cons

Matrixify supports a wide range of data types including products, orders, customers, and inventory. 

It can handle large datasets, making it suitable for stores with extensive catalogs or high transaction volumes. The app allows for automation of data imports and exports, which can be scheduled at convenient intervals. It is also effective in migrating data from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify

This app is commended for its responsive and helpful customer support team. Additionally, it offers comprehensive documentation and tutorials, which are particularly useful for new users or complex issues.

The list of cons is much shorter. While Matrixify offers a free demo plan, the costs can escalate for businesses requiring more extensive data processing capabilities, especially on the higher-tier plans designed for larger stores. 

For some advanced features, users might need to rely on additional applications or integrations, such as Google Sheets or FTP servers. This dependency can complicate setup and management for users who prefer a more integrated solution.

Who should use Matrixify?

Matrixify is particularly useful for large e-commerce businesses that manage extensive product catalogs, high volumes of orders, or require complex data management across different platforms. Also, scaling businesses that are expanding their operations should strongly consider getting Matrixify Shopify app.

Businesses looking to migrate from other e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, or BigCommerce to Shopify should definitely try this app out

Matrixify simplifies the data transfer process, ensuring that important information like product details, customer data, and past orders is accurately imported into Shopify.

Who shouldn’t use Matrixify?

Small businesses or startups with limited product lines or simple store setups might find Matrixify more complex and costly than necessary. 

For basic data management tasks, simpler or less expensive apps might be more appropriate. Also, those who prefer an all-in-one, integrated solution with minimal setup might find this app challenging due to its complexity and the need for external integrations like Google Sheets or FTP for some functionalities.

How to use Matrixify?

Here is a basic guide on how to get started with Matrixify and make the most out of its features:


First, install Matrixify from the Shopify App Store. Once installed, access it from your Shopify admin dashboard under the 'Apps' section.

Importing data

  • Prepare your data: Ensure your data files (Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets) are formatted according to Matrixify’s templates. Templates can be downloaded from the app or their official website.
  • Upload file: In Matrixify, go to the 'Import' section, and upload your data file. The app will automatically identify the type of data and show you a preview.
  • Configure import options: Set specific options for how your data should be imported, such as creating new items or updating existing ones. You can select specific fields to import to customize your data processing.
  • Start import: Once configured, start the import process. Matrixify will process the data and provide a detailed report once the import is completed.

Exporting data

  • Select data: Go to the 'Export' section and choose the type of data you want to export (e.g., products, orders, customers).
  • Configure export settings: Customize what data fields to include and set filters if you need a specific subset of data.
  • Start export: Initiate the export, and Matrixify will generate the file. You can download the file once the process is complete.

Scheduling automation

  • Set up automation: Use the 'Automation' feature to schedule regular imports or exports. This is useful for routine data updates like inventory or price changes.
  • Configure frequency: Specify how often the automation should run—daily, weekly, or monthly—and at what time.
  • Activate automation: Activate the schedule, and the Matrixify Shopify app will handle the rest, running your imports or exports as planned.

Using advanced features

  • Data migration: If migrating from another platform, use Matrixify’s migration settings to map fields from your old platform to Shopify.
  • Bulk updates: For bulk updates, use filters to select the items you want to update, and specify the new values in your uploaded file.

Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Check job status: You can monitor the status of ongoing jobs in the 'Jobs' section of the app.
  • Review logs: For any errors or warnings, review the detailed logs provided by Matrixify to troubleshoot issues.

Utilize Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions, utilize Matrixify’s customer support or consult the detailed documentation and tutorials available on their website.

This guide provides a general overview, but for detailed instructions, templates, and support, it's best to refer directly to the Matrixify documentation and help resources on their official website.

Our thoughts on Matrixify

After putting Matrixify to the test, we found the dashboard to be user-friendly, but newcomers will need some familiarity with Excel or Google Sheets to navigate it effectively. 

The lack of a step-by-step tutorial can make the initial setup challenging for those unfamiliar with such tools

Where Matrixify Shopify app really shines is in its functionality; the app's capability to bulk update data is robust, especially with features like Advanced Import Options that allow for precise modifications down to the SKU level. 

Additionally, real-time notifications update you on the progress of each task, providing a transparent and trustworthy experience.

Speed varies across different pricing tiers. While the lower-priced plans are slower, which can be a hindrance when handling large datasets, the higher-priced plans offer a significant improvement in processing speed, justifying their cost for businesses that need quick data handling. 

Customer support is another strong area for Matrixify. During our trial, any issues encountered were quickly addressed by their knowledgeable team, which boosted our confidence in their service.

Regarding pricing, Matrixify offers a range of plans to suit various needs. The free demo plan is quite limited, ideal for small-scale testing or for those just starting out. 

The Basic plan and higher are more suited to serious Shopify store operators, offering a broader range of features and better support for larger operations. 

This pricing strategy allows businesses to scale up as their needs grow, ensuring that there is a suitable option for everyone, from small startups to large enterprises.


Does Matrixify have a good support team?

Yes, they know the product well, and they are willing to help quickly as well. For instance, we needed some help to update product images as a Shopify admin, and it got solved quickly.

Is the free plan good for a beginner?

If you don’t mind the slower export speeds in the free plan, then you can go for it.

To sum things up

After a thorough evaluation and hands-on testing of Matrixify, we have compiled some observations. 

For those beyond the beginner stage in Shopify who need a robust tool for complex data management tasks, Matrixify stands out. 

The app excels particularly in the area of data imports and exports, offering a wide array of features and reliable performance.

Matrixify proves itself as a capable and dependable tool for managing data within Shopify stores.

If you find its limitations negligible or irrelevant to your specific requirements, we strongly recommend considering it. 

With this information, you should be well-equipped to make an informed decision about whether Matrixify meets your needs.

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