Top 6 Shopify Review Apps in 2024

6 Best Shopify Review Apps in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Until recently, one of the most common apps used for product reviews was Shopify’s powered Product reviews, which was completely free.

 However, that app was discontinued, and numerous Shopify users were left wondering which Shopify review app to use instead.With numerous Shopify review apps available at their app store, it can be a daunting task. If you are one of those users, you came to the right place.

The team that built Bloggle has several years of experience working with enterprise Shopify merchants. We tested, used, dissected, and evaluated hundreds of Shopify apps during that time.

We don’t even have to explain how important it is to display reviews on your Shopify store. In this guide, we will present you and rank the best review apps for Shopify, based on our experience.

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Our top 6 reviews apps for Shopify

Let's dive into our top list

1.  Judge.me

Judge.me is one of the best review apps for Shopify designed to help you collect and display customer reviews on your online store. 

It makes it simple to gather customer feedback through automated email requests, helping you build trust and show potential customers real experiences from others. 

By displaying verified reviews, you can increase your conversion rates as positive reviews act as social proof, encouraging more visitors to make a purchase.

The app offers various customization options. You can match the look and feel of your review widgets to your store’s branding. 

Additionally, reviews collected by Judge.me are indexed by search engines, which can improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your store. Furthermore, Judge.me provides 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues or questions.

The proof Judge.me is possible the best Shopify review app is their rating on the Shopify app store. Judge.me has a flawless 5.0 star rating, out of 27795 reviews!


Judge.me provides affordable pricing options to suit businesses of all sizes. It offers a “Forever Free” plan with essential features, making it accessible for those just starting out. 

For more advanced options, there is an “Awesome” plan for $15 per month, which provides additional features and capabilities to enhance your store further.

2.  Trustoo.io

Trustoo.io is among Shopify review apps focused on images and videos. This app creates a straightforward process for collecting images and videos that are used for reviews.

The app offers a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the appearance of the review widgets to match your store's branding. 

Trustoo.io also helps enhance your search engine optimization by ensuring that reviews are indexed by search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site. One of the key advantages of this app is its attention to detail and design. 

It displays reviews in beautiful widgets that attract the view of the visitor. Therefore, these reviews can become an important part of your branding strategy. Another important feature, especially for multi-language stores is the ability to auto-translate reviews, without any limitations.

Trustoo.io is among the best review apps for Shopify because it is also rated with 5.0 stars at the Shopify app store, with 4495 reviews.


Trustoo.io offers flexible pricing plans designed to meet the needs of different businesses. There is a free plan available with essential features, ideal for small businesses or those just starting out. For more advanced needs, Trustoo.io offers a „Basic“ plan that costs $9.99 monthly. 

For big brands, Trustoo.io has a „Growth“ plan which costs $19.99. One of the big advantages of this plan is that you will get 600 review requests for this price and 200 additional orders for $9.99 compared to the 150 review requestions you get in the „Basic“ plan.

3.  Loox

Loox is a widely used Shopify review app designed to help you collect and showcase photo reviews from your customers. It enables you to gather visual feedback through automated email requests, helping you build trust by showing real customer experiences. 

Displaying these photo reviews can significantly enhance your store's credibility, encouraging more visitors to make a purchase. As we all know, photo reviews are more personal and seem more genuine than plain old text reviews.

One of the most important features of Loox, and the advantage they have over competitors, is their promise to fit all themes. 

Many customization options should allow you to incorporate Loox reviews into your branding without any fuss. Additionally, Loox offers a great customer support service available 24/7 via mail and live chat.

Loox has a 4.9-star rating at the Shopify app store, with 18721 reviews.


Loox offers several pricing plans to cater to different business needs. It starts with a „Beginner“ plan ($9.99 per month) that includes essential features, making it accessible for smaller businesses or those just starting out. 

For more advanced needs, Loox provides a „Scale“ plan that costs $34.99 per month with 300 review orders included in the plan, and $35 per additional 300 orders. The „Unlimited“ plan costs $299 per month. 

The reason for the big difference in price lies in the fact this plan is really unlimited — you will get unlimited review request emails, referrals, and upsells, with all „Scale“ features included as well, making this a great option for enterprise brands.

4.  Fera

Fera is regarded as the best review app for Shopify for several reasons. First, there are free plans and free trial for paid plans available. It is rare to find an app in this field that is trustworthy and still gives many options for customers to test out.

Fera is designed to help you collect and showcase customer reviews, enhancing your store's credibility and driving more sales. The app works similarly to the other product review apps — it gathers customer feedback by sending automated review requests via email.

With Fera, you have a variety of customization options at your disposal, allowing you to align the review displays with your store’s design and branding. 

This is also one of the smoothest integrations with Shopify we experienced — among their competitors, Fera excels with being user-friendly and easily integrates.

Fera has a 4.9 star rating at the Shopify app store, with 5711 reviews left.


We already mentioned that Fera offers a free plan that includes basic features, making it accessible for new or smaller businesses. 

For those requiring more advanced functionalities, Fera offers a „Basic“ plan for $9 per month, a „Small“ plan for $29 per month, and „Medium“ for $99 per month. Every plan comes with a 14-day free trial. 

The main difference between plans is with number of review requests sent per month. The Free plan allows 10, while the Medium allows 11110 reviews per month.

5.  Yotpo

Yotpo is the best Shopify product review app for some of the users who left the review on the Shopify app store. And for a good reason! 

It allows you to collect reviews in a variety of ways: via email requests, automation, SMS, promotions, and referrals. They are incorporating Google seller ratings which can make you stand out in that search, or with Google shopping ads.

Yotpo is one of the rare apps that leverages SMS in their review request strategy. With Yotpo, everything revolves around loyalty, and their ways of collecting reviews will certainly help you with building trust among your customers. 

The users are especially their 24/7 support as very helpful, and saying their agents are ready to go above and beyond to solve any issue.

Yotpo is rated 4.8 on the Shopify app store, with 6863 reviews.



Yotpo offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different business needs. It begins with a „Free“ plan that includes essential features, making it accessible for small businesses or those just starting out. For more advanced needs, Yotpo provides a „Starter“ plan for $15 per month and a „Pro“ plan for $119 per month. There are options to save 25% if you pay a full year in advance. Also, pricing charges are based on order volume, which is another thing that can suit many customers’ needs.

6.  Opinew

Opinew is another Shopify review app designed to help you collect and display customer reviews. This app allows you to import Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay reviews in bulk, which is one of the standout features.

Opinew offers a variety of customization options, with eight types of widgets. You can customize them further, to incorporate the design into your existing branding. The app also allows integrations with Google shopping, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Smile, LoyaltyLion, and Rebuy.

Pictures and videos are integrated into the page in a similar manner as with other review apps we mentioned previously.

Opinew has a 4.7-star rating at the Shopify app store, with 1629 reviews left.


Opinew offers a „Free“ plan with 50 email review requests. It is good to test the app first with this plan to see if it is a good fit for your business. For more advanced needs, Opinew provides premium plans with additional features and capabilities at competitive prices. The „Starter“ plan costs $19 per month, with 500 imports and 100 requests, the „Growth“ plan costs $89 per month with advanced review collection + SMS, while the „Advanced“ plan costs $199 per month with added integrations and auto-sync of imports.


What are the key features of Judge.me?

Judge.me offers customizable review widgets, automated review requests via email and SMS, and support for multiple languages. It also integrates with various marketing tools and provides in-depth analytics

How does Trustoo.io help in building trust with customers?

Trustoo.io allows users to showcase authentic reviews and ratings from verified buyers, enhancing credibility. It also provides tools for collecting and displaying user-generated content such as photos and videos.

Can I use multiple apps for the same function?

Yes, you can use multiple apps for the same function on your Shopify store.

What makes Loox unique among Shopify review apps?

Loox specializes in photo reviews, allowing customers to share images with their reviews, which significantly boosts engagement and trust. It also offers a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for both merchants and customers.

Did we help you choose a review app? 

We guarantee that the apps reviewed in this guide are the best Shopify review apps. 

They have lots of customers, they have built trust in their communities, and last but not least, we tested them all rigorously, and we can fully recommend each one of them. 

The difference between them is in the details and relies on the type of business you are running.

We are confident that you will find the best fit for your business from this list

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