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Replo for Shopify: Does this app worth it? [2024 review]

Published on Oct 23, 2023

Replo - A Shopify Page Builder for Modern Ecommerce Teams

What is Replo?

Core Value Proposition

Replo is built by its co-founder, Yuxin Zhu. Replo positions itself as a cutting-edge landing page builder for ecommerce businesses, marrying the power of AI with design. This union streamlines the creation of compelling digital content, ensuring that businesses not only stand out but also remain true to their brand identity.

Primary Purpose

The essence of Replo lies in its ability to simplify, enhance and build in less dev time. The platform offers a rich array of expert-designed templates for various ecommerce pages, saving businesses from the intricacies of coding. But it's not just about aesthetics. Replo goes a step further with AI-generated copy and smart layouts that adjust according to user demographics and intent. This dynamic adaptation ensures that the content is not only visually appealing but also strategically poised for the target audience. The expansive Replo Marketplace further amplifies its value, providing a treasure trove of conversion rate-focused elements crafted by skilled creators from across the globe.

How to install the Replo app?

You can easily install the app on the Shopify app store.

Who’s it for? Who is it NOT for?

Target Audience

Replo caters to ecommerce businesses that are looking for a seamless and efficient way to enhance their online presence. Specifically:

  • Ecommerce teams aiming for consistent on-brand digital experiences.
  • Entrepreneurs who need ready-to-use templates without delving into complex coding.
  • Businesses that value AI-driven copy and layouts tailored to their content and audience.
  • Designers and developers on the hunt for a comprehensive marketplace with templates and elements to optimize conversion. 
  • Larger enterprises desiring advanced integrations, white-glove services, and dedicated support channels.

Who is it NOT for?

While Replo boasts a range of features catering to many, there are certain groups who might find it less suitable:

  • Startups or individual entrepreneurs on a tight budget. The pricing tiers, especially the more advanced ones, might be a strain on limited finances.
  • Businesses looking for integrated email storage or marketing automation solutions. Replo doesn't offer these functionalities.
  • Those who prefer to analyze their store's stats within the same platform. Replo is natively integrated with Shopify, requiring users to analyze stats externally.
  • Teams that don't value collaboration with non-technical web designers, as Replo emphasizes this feature.


  • Curated Templates: 100+ expert-designed templates from the community for product pages, blog pages, landing pages, homepages, etc. Get started in under 5 minutes by incorporating their unique layouts and assets without spending hours editing code.
  • Fast & Powerful Pages: Replo’s high-performance pages don’t slow down the rest of your Shopify store. Saved sections and design systems help your team create digital experiences that feel consistently on-brand.

  • AI-Powered: AI-generated compelling copy, smart layouts tailored to your content and target audience, dynamically-adaptive content based on user demographics and intent are just some of the ways modern ecommerce teams can leverage their robust platform.
  • World’s Largest Ecommerce Library: The Replo Marketplace is the most comprehensive hub where talented creators, designers, and developers come together to offer high-quality, conversion-focused templates, DTC elements, banners, UI sections, footers, landing page design and more. 



Replo offers a 4-tiered pricing:

  1. BASIC ($99/month)
  • Create Unlimited Drafts
  • 10 Published Pages/Store
  • 10 Published Sections/Store
  • Advanced Shopify Integration
  • 100s of Library Components
  • Version History
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Email Support

  1. STANDARD ($249/ month)

EVERYTHING in Basic, plus:

  • 25 Published Pages/Store
  • 25 Published Sections/Store
  • 5 Product Templates for Unlimited Products
  • Advanced SEO Controls
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Replo AI 🪄

  1. GROWTH ($499/ month)

EVERYTHING in Standard, plus:

  • 100 Published Pages/Store
  • 100 Published Sections/Store
  • Unlimited Product Templates/Product Pages
  • Integration with Other Platforms
  • White Glove Implementation and Services
  • Dedicated Slack Channel

  1. ENTERPRISE (Custom Pricing)

EVERYTHING in Growth, plus:

  • Integration with Other Platforms
  • Unlimited Published Pages and Sections
  • White Glove Implementation and Services
  • Weekly Strategy Calls
  • Product Roadmap Priority
  • Private Slack Support Channel

Note: Replo also offers a FREE plan with unlimited features but you can only preview

the pages you create. 


4.9 / 5

What do real users have to say about it?

Pros & Cons


Easy-to-use interface

Great customer service

Great for rapid testing and prototyping

Allows collaboration with non-technical web designers


It's natively integrated with Shopify, so you need to analyze stats elsewhere

Expensive for small teams

No access to email storage or marketing automation

Our Review of Replo Shopify App

Interface Experience

After spending considerable time on Replo, we can confidently say that the user interface is a boon, especially for those of us who aren't tech-savvy. We found ourselves smoothly transitioning from one feature to the next, and the logical arrangement of tools made our tasks easier. The absence of complicated jargon and the presence of straightforward tool naming made the experience even more pleasant.

AI-Driven Capabilities

We were initially skeptical about the AI capabilities, having encountered numerous platforms with underwhelming AI features. But with Replo, our skepticism turned into appreciation. The AI-generated content wasn't the usual generic text we've come to expect. Instead, it was targeted, relevant, and surprisingly human-like. The dynamic layout adjustments, tailored to our content, showed us the depth of Replo's AI understanding.

Templates and Marketplace Depth

We've scoured through countless template libraries in our time, but Replo's collection genuinely impressed us. Each template felt meticulously crafted, with a clear focus on driving conversions. The Replo Marketplace was another highlight. We were spoilt for choice with the variety of elements, ensuring our pages had that unique touch.

Speed and Performance

Ecommerce demands speed, and Replo delivers on that front. Even with all its features, we never once felt our Shopify store lagging. This seamless balance between functionality and performance is something we don't often see.

Pricing: A Double-Edged Sword

Our team had mixed feelings about Replo's pricing. For larger businesses, the value is evident. The range of tools and features can justify the costs. But for smaller ventures, especially those just starting, the pricing might be a hurdle.

Emphasis on Collaboration

We loved how Replo isn't just about an individual's experience. Our team often collaborates, and Replo's features, like allowing multiple collaborators and providing dedicated communication channels, made our collaborative efforts more streamlined.

Areas for Improvement

While Replo has a lot going for it, there are areas where we felt it could do better. The lack of integrated email storage was a notable absence. Also, having to step out of the platform to analyze our Shopify stats felt a tad inconvenient.

Final Thoughts

After diving deep into Replo and integrating it into our workflow for a significant period, here are our candid reflections. For businesses that have grown familiar with Shopify's basic offerings and are scouting for a platform that promises more finesse, customizations, and insights, Replo might be your answer. Its extensive features paired with an intuitive interface make it a commendable choice. However, just like any other tool, it's not devoid of shortcomings. It does not have everything you need. For instance, the lack of integrated email storage and marketing automation can be a hiccup for some. And for the novices or those operating on a shoestring budget, the advanced pricing tiers and certain complexities could pose challenges.

So, where do we stand on Replo? We see it as a potent tool in the ecommerce realm. If its drawbacks don't deter your goals, or perhaps, if they don't concern your specific needs, then giving Replo a shot might be worthwhile. We trust you're now better equipped to chart your course.


What are some other Shopify landing page builders?

Pagefly, Gempages, Shogun are some other alternatives for Replo ap

Is there a step-by-step tutorial built by Replo experts that can be used by both, beginners and serious e-commerce teams alike?

Yes, you can view the tutorials at their Youtube channel hereor visit their help centre here.

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