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Copy the website URL

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Paste it in the form

Step 3

Hit detect button

What is our Shopify app detector and how to use it?

Shopify app detector is a tool that allows you to see which Shopify apps are used by your competition. There are lots of detectors out there, but the Bloggle Shopify app detector is fast and correct, and there are no hidden fees or sign-ups — it will give you an answer in a few seconds, completely for free!

­Using our Bloggle Shopify app detector is very simple. Just copy the URL of the website you need to check in the search field and click on the “Detect” button. For example, let’s check which Shopify apps are used by Kylie Cosmetics, one of the biggest Shopify stores out there, owned by a reality star and influencer, Kylie Jenner.

So, we can see that Kylie Cosmetics is using only four Shopify apps, but one of them is Bloggle. These four apps are showing what is the essence of a successful e-commerce business:
- Beautiful blog
- Automatically telling customers that their desired product is back in stock
- Setting up a great e-mail and SMS list
- Doing little tweaks to further increase your revenue

Now, let us tell you why the information you just received is crucial for your business.

How to use our app detector for your business growth?

Bloggle Shopify app detector will let you find out why some of your competitors have such an amazing store. By figuring out what they are using to enhance the default Shopify installation, you will be able to copy their strategy and achieve similar results.

After you check dozens of websites, you will be able to see clearly what are the best Shopify apps, how they are utilized, and whether you will benefit from installing them.

Therefore, the Bloggle Shopify app detector will help you rewrite and enhance your business strategy and show you which segments of your store you need to work on, to catch up with the leaders in your industry.


Your questions, answered

Is your app detector detecting all the apps?

No, we detect the apps through the CSS and JS they add to the store. If they don't impact the front end or if they are used only in the checkout, we won't be able to detect them. For instance, we cannot detect the Matrixify app

What are the must-have Shopify apps?

The most essential Shopify apps to have are Bloggle, Klaviyo, Judge.me, and Notify! Back in stock. You can check our complete list in our article

Why do I need to use apps in Shopify?

Shopify default installation lacks the ability to provide a complete set of options and tools needed for an e-commerce business. Shopify apps are there to complement it.

Does it work for non-Shopify stores?

No, but some apps are available on other CMS, so it happens that we detect apps on other platforms too, while this is not the intent of the tool.

It’s time to awake your sleeping blog.

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