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Shogun Shopify App Review - Is It Worth It? [2024]

Published on Oct 20, 2023

The Shogun Shopify app is one of the most downloaded Shopify page builder applications. It allows customers to create unique and high-converting pages in their Shopify store with little to no coding knowledge required.

Like most of the other page builders out there, the Shogun Shopify app is a drag-and-drop page builder. That means users can create pages without much hustle, by moving elements from the Shogun Shopify library to the page layout.

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about this app, including its features, pros, cons, and pricing, and you’ll have our honest opinion about it. Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Shogun’s main features

Shogun landing page builder, like many other Shopify page builders, is an app that is used to enhance the design and SEO options of Shopify. 

Shogun is one of the best when it comes to landing page building, which is among the stand-out features that give them an edge over competitors.

Enhancing Shopify’s landing and other page-building capacities

If you are a Shopify merchant, you’re probably aware that tweaking basic elements such as social media icons, brand logos, color schemes, and a few others is quite straightforward.

Shopify offers a preview option and detailed instructions for customizing your website's appearance. However, the design of your site often remains limited to the initial theme or layout you select.

Shogun steps in to broaden these possibilities, introducing page components for embedding videos, pictures, blog posts, accordions, and more. Its editor presents extensive customization options, enabling endless possibilities for designing and structuring the pages of your Shopify store.

Shogun Shopify app is focused especially on the pages that should convert your visitors to paying customers. The popularity of this page builder is owed to that feature. You can fully customize every page you create, by using the pre-set templates, or by tweaking details yourself.

What’s important to know here is that the Shogun page builder will adapt to any theme you choose, whether it's free or premium.

Adapting to mobile with preview capability

Your clients might predominantly come from mobile. Therefore, it is important to notice that having your website elements automatically adjust to fit tablets, smartphones, as well as desktops and laptops will be key to improving conversion.

Shogun Shopify ensures that page elements adapt seamlessly across devices, eliminating any guesswork about how images or buttons will appear on a mobile screen thanks to its in-editor preview feature.

Advanced Options for Developers

For those with coding expertise, Shogun unveils additional capabilities through its "Custom Templating" option. 

Developers can craft entirely unique elements within Shogun using their skills in Liquid, HTML, and CSS, significantly enhancing the platform's potential.

SEO and analytics

Shogun offers SEO content creation copilot in all their paid plans. This tool will help you to optimize content and rank higher in organic search in a completely straightforward way. 

It is user-friendly, and you won’t need much time to adjust. Also, you will have access to complete page analytics, including the stats that basic Shopify doesn’t provide.

If you are not a writer, and you don’t have a writer on your team, the Shogun AI copywriting tool might help you. However, we highly recommend you hire a human writer since the power of AI still can’t replace humans in this department.

Shogun goes above and beyond with support

We were pleasantly surprised with Shogun for Shopify support. Subscribers to the Grow and Advance plans enjoy the added benefit of priority support. Based on both our own experiences and numerous online testimonials, Shogun's support team is renowned for their swift and efficient response to customer queries, equipped with the expertise necessary to guide users through any issues they may encounter.

In addition to traditional support channels, Shogun actively engages with its user base through a blog, various social media platforms, and a comprehensive FAQ section, demonstrating the developers' commitment to creating a strong connection with their clients and providing them with effective strategies for utilizing the app.

Shogun offers an extensive collection of video tutorials available to all users. These tutorials are invaluable resources, offering straightforward guidance on a wide array of topics, including, but not limited to, embedding videos on pages, managing data collections, and creating custom templates, thereby significantly enhancing the overall support experience.

Shogun pricing

Shogun page builder offered a free, and cheap basic plan in the past, but sadly, not anymore. However, since they are now among the top-rated Shopify apps, it is not necessary for them. 

You still have a completely free 10-day trial for any of the plans.

This Shogun pricing structure shows that this app is catered towards big e-commerce stores on Shopify, while it can be too expensive for the small ones and the ones that are just getting started.

Build $31 monthly

• 25 published pages

• Advanced visual builder

• A/B testing

• Targeted experiences

• SEO keyword content creation copilot

• AI copywriting

• Page analytics

• Access all page templates

• Reusable content sections

Grow $199 monthly

Everything in Build plan plus:

• Unlimited published pages

• SEO keyword analyzer

• SEO and performance insights

• Product page templates

• Content scheduling

• Bulk publishing

• Global content sections

Advanced $399 monthly

Everything in Grow plan plus:

• Content syncing across stores

• Custom CMS collections

• Custom code elements with AI copilot

• User permissions

How do users rate Shogun for Shopify?

Shogun has a very good 4.8/5 rating with over 3000 reviews on the Shopify app store. Most of the users love the number of options Shogun offers, and they say the Shogun page builder definitely beats the default Shopify design you get.

However, there are some complaints regarding the cost of the app and some glitches that happen from time to time.

Who should use the Shogun app?

As one of the ultimate page builders for Shopify, Shogun is for everyone who wants to enhance their store’s design, improve user experience, and ultimately, increase conversion rates without the need for extensive coding knowledge or hiring a professional developer.

Shopify store owners, their e-commerce managers, marketers, SEO experts, even web designers and developers working for a Shopify business owner all have massive benefits from installing the Shogun Shopify app.

Who shouldn’t use the Shogun app?

It all comes down to pricing, really. Shogun is not affordable to small business owners, since their best plan costs $399 monthly, with an annual subscription. 

It is hard to sell it to a business owner who is not earning at least five figures from Shopify sales per month.

However, if your business started growing, you should strongly consider getting Shogun to scale your business even faster!


What are some alternatives to Shogun? 

Pagefly is an alternative landing page builder for your e-commerce store.

Can I use Shogun with other platforms like WordPress or BigCommerce? 

Absolutely! The Shogun landing page builder is available for all these platforms besides the 

Shopify App Store.

Is there a user-friendly and step-by-step tutorial for beginners on learning how to use Shogun? 

Yes, a full video on the Shogun Crash Course is available here.

Is Shogun good for blogging?

Shogun enhances Shopify's default options by a bit, but we recommend getting Bloggle, the specialized blog builder for Shopify.

Our thoughts on the Shogun Shopify app

Shogun page builder is definitely one of the best all-around page builders you can find in the Shopify store.

It is user-friendly, rich with customization options, focused on optimizing the core pages of your Shopify website, eyeing that conversion rate which should almost instantly grow after you get the app.

Their customer support is available 24/7 and you have tons of materials available in their help center.

Shogun is not for small e-commerce business owners, because it is simply too expensive for them. Also, their blogging options, although good, can’t match Bloggle, as the specialized blog page builder.

Overall, we would recommend this app to enterprise and medium size Shopify store owners. Use the 10-day trial first so you better decide if this app is for you, but we believe you won’t be disappointed!

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Julien Mamalian

After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle.

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