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15 Best Marketing Apps For Shopify in 2024 [Free & Paid]

In the last five years, we built an online agency that specializes in helping Shopify store owners to increase their revenue. We worked with dozens of Shopify enterprise clients and helped them grow even more.

One of the core parts of our daily routine was testing various Shopify apps. In today’s highly competitive e-commerce battleground, the success of a Shopify store largely depends on marketing — how is it implemented, which channels you are using, budget optimization, etc. Shopify marketing apps are a huge part of that process.

By using our knowledge from the agency days, we will review and present the best marketing apps for Shopify in this guide. The apps listed below offer a range of solutions from SEO and email marketing to customer loyalty and referral programs. Each app is designed to address specific marketing needs, so you should be able to handpick at least one, if not several, of the best marketing apps.

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15 Best Marketing Apps For Shopify

Let's dive into our top list

1.Boost your blog: Bloggle

Bloggle is the best Shopify app specializing in building blogs that read and convert well. Shopify comes with a blog that has scarce options, and the layout doesn’t give you enough wiggle room. It is hard to make a beautiful blog that attracts readers’ attention and converts them to your paying customers with the default options provided.

With Bloggle, creating engaging, SEO-friendly blog content becomes effortless thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This app not only allows you to easily integrate Shopify products into your blog posts but also offers customizable templates to maintain your brand's aesthetic. Additionally, Bloggle includes SEO optimization tools that help improve your content’s visibility on search engines, driving more organic traffic to your store. For Shopify store owners who are seeking to up their content marketing game, Bloggle provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies blog management and adds a ton of substance to your content strategy. We developed it for years, and we can proudly say Bloggle is truly one of the best Shopify marketing apps.


Bloggle offers two plans, Standard for $25 per month and Premium for $49. You can test the app out with a 14-day free trial.

2. Emailing & SMS: Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a robust email marketing solution that completely integrates with Shopify, allowing you to send highly personalized emails based on customer behavior and purchase history. This app excels in automating email campaigns that can include follow-ups, abandoned cart reminders, and tailored recommendations. Klaviyo's detailed analytics dashboard helps you measure the effectiveness of each campaign and optimize your strategies based on real-time data. By using Klaviyo, Shopify store owners can expect to see a significant improvement in customer engagement and retention, driving increased sales and cultivating a loyal customer base.

Klaviyo is fairly simple to use, so even beginners in online marketing will be able to learn everything about this app very fast. One of the reasons why Klaviyo is one of the best marketing apps for Shopify is its three pricing tiers, with a Free plan included. That allows customers at different stages of their Shopify journey to use this app at affordable pricing, and also test if Klaviyo is a good fit for them.


The basic plan starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts, while the enterprise solution for, let’s say, 50000 contracts would cost $790 per month.

Bloggle Pro tip: It can be integrated with a lot of other apps.

3. Bundle: Shopify Bundles

Shopify Bundles enables you to boost your store's average order value by offering product bundles. This app is particularly useful for stores that sell complementary products as it encourages customers to purchase more items at a discounted rate. Shopify Bundles is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to set up new bundles quickly and efficiently. It also includes features that help manage inventory across bundled and individual products, ensuring that your stock levels are always accurate. Since this is a very simple app made by Shopify, you can’t complain much, but there is still lots of room for improvement.

For instance, it would be nice to see the bundles pull through into external sales channels, e.g. Facebook and Google. This feature would help merchants further support their marketing efforts and grow even more.


This app is free and created by Shopify itself.

4. Stock alerts: Back in Stock Restock Alert

The Back in stock restock alert app is an essential tool for maintaining customer interest and maximizing sales opportunities. Whenever popular items are restocked, the app automatically notifies customers who expressed interest, encouraging them to return to your store and complete their purchase. This not only helps in recovering potentially lost sales but also improves customer satisfaction by keeping shoppers informed about the availability of their desired products. The app supports customizable alerts via email or SMS, and your customers can choose the preferred channel of notification.

The biggest reason why this is one of the most desired Shopify marketing apps is the automatic speed of sending alerts. Merchants testify they are getting purchases within minutes after the restock.


Back in stock restock alert offers Free, Lite, Small business, and Medium store plans, that can fit everyone’s needs. Giving $19 to $69 per month is not a lot, especially for merchants who frequently go out of stock.

Bloggle pro tip: Integrate the alert button both on the product and collection pages. On phones, this is easier to register through a collection page.

5. Referral: Conjured Referrals

Conjured Referrals entice your customers to become brand advocates through an easy-to-use referral program. This app incentivizes current customers to refer new ones by offering rewards such as discounts or special offers. With its customizable design, Conjured Referrals can be adjusted to your store’s branding. Additionally, the app provides detailed tracking of referrals and conversions, helping you understand the effectiveness of your referral program and make adjustments as needed.

Their customers are praising the customer support and user-friendliness of this app. Those are the main reasons we included it in our list of best marketing apps for Shopify. Their price tiers allow flexibility, and different types of companies to find the right package for them. 


You can test this app with their Free plan, which can be later upgraded to Starter ($11.40 per month), Growth ($47.40 per month), and Pro ($89.40 per month. Starter offers 400 referred orders per month, while Growth caps at 1600 referred orders per month.

6. Loyalty: Loyoly

Loyoly is an app specialized for customer retention. It allows you to easily set up and manage a loyalty program directly within your Shopify store. Loyoly offers a variety of reward options, including points, discounts, and special perks for repeat customers. It integrates with existing Shopify accounts, making it simple for customers to sign up and start earning rewards immediately. By implementing a loyalty program through Loyoly, you can significantly increase customer lifetime value and foster long-term relationships with your customers.

This is one of the easiest Shopify apps to integrate with your store. Their team is very reactive and responsive, and the monitoring Loyoly offers is flawless. Those are the reasons why Loyoly is one of the best marketing apps out there. However, it is also one of the most expensive ones. 


The Basic plan costs $49 per month, the Advanced plan is $199, while the Plus plan doesn’t have a price listed, you need to check it out with their team.

Bloggle pro tip: A loyalty program can reduce your margin a lot, do not forget to make some projections to avoid unexpected results.

7. Facebook and Instagram

This is the official Shopify app from Meta, and it allows customers to manage their Facebook and Instagram presence from one place. This app is free to use, and the intention of Meta was to give Shopify store owners an opportunity to manage orders and returns they get from Facebook and Instagram in a straightforward fashion.

One of the biggest features of this app is the automatic sync of eligible products from the Shopify store to Facebook and Instagram shops. You will receive email and live chat support from Meta as well, which is really great considering this Shopify app is free.

However, there are reports that it is hard to verify the business through them and that the syncing option doesn’t work every time. On the other hand, we can expect some imperfections from the apps that are free, and this is still a very helpful addon for merchants who want to integrate all their e-commerce efforts and campaigns.


We already mentioned that this app is completely free to use since it is created by Meta itself.

8. Checkout: Checkout Blocks

Checkout Blocks revolutionizes the Shopify checkout experience by allowing you to customize and optimize the checkout process. This app provides tools to create a smoother, faster checkout experience that can help reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions. With Checkout Blocks, you can add promotional offers, upsell products, and even collect additional customer information right at the point of purchase, enhancing the overall efficiency of your sales process. You need to have Shopify Plus to use this app. It is a shame that regular Shopify users don’t have an option to install Checkout Blocks, since it is one of the best Shopify marketing apps.


There is a free version of this app, but the pricing plans are steep. Starter is $99 per month, Generate revenue is $200 per month, while Unlimited is $499. 

9. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions is ideal for stores that offer subscription-based products or services. This app simplifies the management of recurring payments and subscriptions, giving customers the flexibility to pause, modify, or cancel their subscriptions directly from your Shopify store. Recharge Subscriptions also includes features for setting up subscription trials, discounts, and gift subscriptions, making it a versatile tool for businesses looking to build a steady stream of revenue.

The biggest value of this app is trustworthiness and impeccable customer service


They have two pricing plans available, Standard for $99 per month and Pro for $499 per month. The difference in pricing between these two plans is huge, but the Pro plan offers everything in Standard plus cancellation prevention, bundles, enhanced analytics, custom domains, gifting, enhanced customer portal, and more, so it is worth considering it if you own an enterprise Shopify business.

Bloggle Pro tip: Works very well in specific industries like beauty & skincare.

10. SEO audit & management: SEO Booster

SEO Booster is designed to help Shopify store owners improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic. This app provides easy-to-implement recommendations for optimizing your website, including on-page SEO adjustments, link building, image, and keyword optimization. SEO Booster also features comprehensive analytics to track your SEO progress and evaluate the impact of your efforts on your store’s performance.

One of the most important features of this app is AI AutoPilot which finds and fixes SEO issues you have on your website. Also, SEO Booster is built exclusively for Shopify, so you won’t have issues as with some other apps that are just patched general SEO apps.


They offer a free plan with basic SEO features and 24/7 chat support, Pro plan with a complete SEO package costs $39 per month, while Premium plan that offers bigger storage, image compression, URL optimization, and more costs $69 per month.

11. Popups: Wisepops

Wisepops is an advanced tool designed to help Shopify store owners create and manage pop-ups and banners that capture customer attention. This app excels in versatility, offering a wide range of customizable templates that can be adjusted to fit any marketing campaign, from exit-intent pop-ups to welcome messages. Wisepops also includes targeted display settings based on visitor behavior, ensuring that your messages reach the right audience at the right time. By utilizing Wisepops, you can effectively increase your email list, promote special offers, and reduce cart abandonment.

Wisepops is all about maximizing the conversion rate, which truly makes it one of the best Shopify marketing apps.


Wisepops offers a 14-day free trial, but no Free plan. Their pricing is based on the number of page views. For 50k, the price is $49 per month, for 100k the price is $79 per month, for 250k the price is $149 per month, while for 500k the price is $199 per month.

Bloggle Pro tip: Don’t forget to create different popups on your store and always run an A/B test for the heading.

12. Videos: Videowise

Videowise is a cutting-edge app that transforms the way products are showcased on Shopify stores through video content. It allows you to embed videos directly on product pages, creating a dynamic shopping experience that can lead to higher engagement and increased sales. Videowise supports various video formats, including user-generated content, providing a comprehensive tool to leverage visual marketing. This app also includes analytics features to track the performance of your videos, giving you insights into viewer engagement and the impact on sales.

You can import a video from TikTok, Instagram reels, or YouTube. Creating video quizzes is one of the most creative ways to utilize this app.


Videowise offers a 7-day free trial, but no Free plan. Basic costs $19, and it goes up to 1000 video views per month. For 30k views per month, Starter plan costs $99, while the Scale plan costs $250 per month, and gives up to 150k video views per month.

Bloggle Pro tip: The stories format is working really well for a lot of users.

13. JudgeMe

JudgeMe is a powerful tool for gathering and displaying customer reviews on your Shopify store. This app automates the collection of reviews by sending out review requests after purchase and providing incentives for customers to share their experiences. JudgeMe supports photo reviews, enriching the feedback with visual elements that can boost credibility and attract more buyers. With its easy integration and social proof capabilities, JudgeMe is an essential app for any Shopify store looking to enhance its reputation and build trust among potential customers.

It is also important that JudgeMe is very fast, and supports 38 languages, which encourages users from countries that don’t use English primarily to write a review. This can encourage other potential customers from their countries to buy products from your store.


JudgeMe offers a “Forever Free” plan that utilizes unlimited review requests, which is the most important thing, and several other core features. Awesome plan costs $15 and it allows site reviews, coupons, Q&A, and other features.

Bloggle Pro tip: A good strategy is to collect both product & store reviews. The product reviews will increase the conversion rate for the product pages. The global reviews can be displayed on a dedicated page to boost trust for new customers and rank your store on the “your store reviews” request on Google.

14. PushOwl

PushOwl maximizes the potential of browser push notifications to re-engage Shopify store visitors. This app allows you to send timely updates about promotions, back-in-stock alerts, and reminders for abandoned carts directly to your customers' browsers. PushOwl is particularly effective in capturing the attention of users who have left your site, encouraging them to revisit and complete their purchases. With detailed analytics and segmentation capabilities, PushOwl enables personalized communication, making it a valuable tool for increasing conversion rates and customer retention. These reasons are enough to make PushOwl one of the best marketing apps for Shopify.


PushOwl offers a free plan, that allows you to send up to 500 push notifications and 500 emails, which is enough for small businesses. Web Push plan costs $19 per month, and it allows up to 7500 impressions, while the Email plan is focused on emails, and offers up to 5000 per month. It costs $19 as well.

15. UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing allows Shopify store owners to expand their marketing efforts through an affiliate network. This app simplifies the process of creating and managing affiliate programs, where you can recruit influencers, bloggers, and other marketers to promote your products. In return, affiliates earn a commission on sales they generate. UpPromote provides specialized tools for tracking affiliate performance, managing payouts, and optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns. By leveraging UpPromote, you can reach a broader audience, increase sales, and effectively manage your marketing budget.


UpPromote offers a Free plan, that gives approve/deny 200 referrals per month. Grow Affiliate plan costs $29.99 monthly and it allows you to approve/deny 300 referrals per month, Professional costs $89.99 per month and it gives 600 approve/deny referrals per month. Finally, the Enterprise plan costs $199.99 per month and you can approve/deny unlimited referral orders per month.


What are the top Shopify marketing apps for email marketing?

Klaviyo is a top choice for email marketing on Shopify. It offers advanced segmentation, personalized campaigns, and robust integration with Shopify, making it ideal for targeting specific customer behaviors.

Which Shopify app is best for SEO?

SEO Booster is a great Shopify SEO app. It helps in improving site visibility through keyword suggestions, SEO issue fixes, and effective meta-tag editing.

What is the best Shopify app for blogging?

Bloggle is highly recommended for blogging on Shopify. It facilitates easy creation and management of blog posts, enhancing your content marketing strategy and helping to drive organic traffic to your store.

Are there any hidden costs associated with Shopify apps?

Yes, there can be hidden costs associated with Shopify apps that you might not initially consider when adding them to your store. Being aware of this, and reading carefully the pricing description of the targeted app can save you a lot of money.

To sum all up

During our mission to help our Shopify clients reach their goals, we used all the apps listed in this article and many more similar apps. 

This guide to Shopify marketing apps is truly showcasing the best options you can find in the Shopify app store, they are all tested and reviewed by our expert team. 

By using these apps you will be able to scale up your business faster and fulfil your goals.

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