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Finally a way to create beautiful blog posts for our Shopify site ! I've been having a great experience using Bloggle!

Becca Casey founder of AYR barns

" Bloggle is a good blogging tool that helped beautify our blog page. The tool offers a helpful widget that provides SEO recommendations to better maximize our content marketing efforts. "


" I've really enjoyed using Bloggle. It's interface is user friendly and love the drag and drop option to create modern and beautiful blog posts. "


" This App is freaking WONDERFUL. And the service offered by Julien outstanding. If you enconter a lil glitch or a problem, the man is amazingly helpful and quick. "


" Bloggle is a good blogging tool that helped beautify our blog page. The tool offers a helpful widget that provides SEO recommendations to better maximize our content marketing efforts. "


" Would be lost without Bloggle. Makes beautiful blogs that you couldn't achieve Shopoify's blog feature. Easy to use and friendly, helpful team to get in touch with."


" This app is amazing! The block layout is really easy to use and the support team is responsive and helpful. It's well-priced compared to other apps I've tried and user-friendly. "


" This is such an amazing app! I am so glad I found it. So easy to use, looks great, and the support is so helpful and fast. Highly recommend! "


" Amazing support team and definitely the best blogging app I've seen on Shopify to date. There is even a feature request function built into the platform where submissions are constantly reviewed and implemented."

Kevin Borowsky

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The Best Shopify blog app: all you need to know about Bloggle

So, you’re all set on Shopify, running a shopify store, but you’re still missing a design-responsive, all-in-one blog app to deploy a cost-effective and time-saving blog on your Shopify website? Look no further! Work with Bloggle, the best Shopify blog app on the market, and get started today!  

Introducing Shopify - The best e-commerce platform for online stores?

Canada-based Shopify was founded in 2006 and has since grown exponentially from 5 to 5,000 people! The company develops an all-in-one e-commerce platform for its customers by running its multi-purpose Content Management System (CMS) which is, above all, natively developed.   Unlike the open-source WooCommerce and PrestaShop platforms with their requisite additional modules and plug-ins, which come with an additional cost, and unlike Magento which is generally the least intuitive of the various market products, Shopify is internationally focused, fully scalable and a purposefully-developed ecommerce platform based on a proprietary model.   Simply put, whether you opt for Shopify or Shopify Plus, this Canadian platform provides full access to its solution and code in return for a monthly or annual subscription. On top of this, Shopify Plus is global-reaching thanks to its nine different multilingual URLs coupled with its various currencies (the perfect solution to sell your products in multiple languages). Through its highly adaptive offering, this CMS is committed to delivering top-performing, boutique ecommerce websites to companies and organizations alike.

7 benefits of Shopify’s CMS

Intuitive back-office: businesses and their teams can easily manage their turnkey site and add products to their store.
Scalable solutions: Shopify’s multi-functional offers evolve according to your business activity, revenue, and brand image using personalized themes and custom-made subscription thresholds.
Unlimited features with applications: Shopify provide an app store that lets you subscribe to apps and add features to your store. Check our best shopify blog apps page to discover applications you may like.
Seamless management through robust cash registers and inventory software: Shopify’s multi-channel approach boosts appeal since it meets the recurring needs of brands that develop in both the virtual (ecommerce store) and physical (retail outlet) universes.
Transparent, full and accurate pricing from the get-go: unlike PrestaShop or WordPress, Shopify’s pricing is linear and does not depend on costly plug-ins.
Reliability: Shopify guarantees a foolproof-secure solution with instant interface updates on your computers, tablets and mobile devices.
Marketing and social tool integration: Shopify boasts automatic connectivity with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Shopping app, not to mention full compatibility with email marketing campaigns.s nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere.

Shopify, what's not to like?

The single drawback of Shopify’s existing product is the small text space for drafting articles and writing content which could allow you to increase the visibility of your online store. In a nutshell, users pay for blog articles written without a visually-enhanced and SEO-optimizedstructure, added to which there are often no integrated, published marketing newsletters or email campaigns.   And yet, a blog is a great tool to build trust around your brand. What's more, blogging will help you improve the performance of your website by ranking on high potential keywords and driving more qualified traffic on your site. So, what can you do? Is your Shopify website destined for poor SEO performance? No way!   With the Bloggle App, add the best Shopify blog app to your ecommerce platform and easily write exciting articles and posts in order to generate traffic, promote your business and receive good reviews.

Exploring the technical features of Bloggle

Like we said, in the world of ecommerce, it’s no longer enough to post items and a product description. You need a design-responsive, custom-made, and personalized blog, with engagement and conversion driven by SEO-optimizedcontent. This can be quickly and effectively achieved through the Bloggle App. Still curious? Feel free to discover our portfolio of Shopify blog examples!   Bloggle offers multiple benefits and features to create blog, and here are 6 reasons why it’s the best Shopify blog app:  

It will build an all-in-one commerce platform with substantially increased text space compared to Shopify. Think of it as if you were using WordPress and start supporting your prospects with quality blogs! With the Bloggle app, you can embed products in blog posts, optimize settings such as your blog author or your article featured image...
It will ensure SEO-optimized content without the need of an additional app thanks to its integrated Yoast alternative. This helps you track your SEO optimization rating in real-time within the same, single interface!
It will produce a design-responsive blog that seamlessly integrates into computer, mobile and tablet interfaces for optimal navigation on Google (and other search engines).
It will generate a custom-made blog by offering Online Store 2.0 thematic compatibility. Lazyload your images and enjoy the widest range of blog app buttons on the market and an advanced video integration component (YouTube, Vimeo and many more video hosting apps), taking your blog articles and posts to the next level of user experience engagement.It will go one step further than Shopify in internationalizing your content, providing full use of best-in-class translation apps including Weglot and langify.
It will lead by example through Klaviyo-integrated content marketing solutions so you can give your customers one-to-one attention with personalized blog-related email newsletters and SMS. You’re then able to easily add Klaviyo-style forms to generate leads from your store.

Saving time and facilitating scheduling with our best Shopify blog app

Unlike other blog apps, Bloggle will engineer a holistic solution. This means you don’t have to worry about time-consuming and costly modules and plug-ins, you will optimize the time spent integrate your articles! With our time-saving platform, you automatically recycle all your company templates (style, buttons and font) as well as storing all Bloggle articles and posts (even deleted content!).   You can also instantly import your Shopify blog post display in the same format, schedule publications and manage your editorial calendar. And the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to write a single line of code! This allows a competitive edge, fostering faster, more in-depth collaboration between several users and maintaining your focus on those value-added tasks!

Analyzing the challenges of ecommerce in 2022

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the key takeaway in business and trade is undoubtedly the boom in ecommerce sites. Companies and organizations are increasingly aware of this multifaceted challenge, recognizing that it’s a key performance indicator and growth driver.   To date, even mass retailers acknowledge it’s not enough to post items with a brief product description to make sales; this is detrimental to both a company and its brand reputation. Instead, customer engagement (increased subscriber uptake) and brand showcasing can be leveraged through the organic method of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   If there‘s one thing we learned during the recent crisis, it’s that brand development and traffic conversion to online sales depend on well-crafted and engagingSEO-optimizedcontent. This is why you need Bloggle, your go-to best Shopify blog app.  

Harnessing the potential of Bloggle, our cost-effective blogging app

Need some help!? Our exclusive Shopify 3-in-1 article blog products are available on 10-day free trial plans for the price of just $19.90 per month! This free trial plan allows you to test the product and decide if you like its features and whether it helps you create exciting blogs that meet your customers' every need.   So, what are you waiting for!? Your best Shopify blog app is here to help! Join the Bloggle adventure today and increase your sales! What better way to give you peace of mind than with some customer feedback? Let's start with a few reviews!   “Bloggle is simply the best and totally changed the game!” “It makes it SO easy to create beautiful posts with an easy drag n drop interface.” “Finally, there’s a really good blog app for Shopify!”   CTA: “Still game!? Feel free to check out our website and customer review!”