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Blogging on Shopify: Everything You Need to Know

Published on Dec 19, 2022


Updated on Feb 22, 2024

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle


Shopify is not merely an online platform for merchants. It embodies a dynamic ecosystem, encompassing both e-commerce solutions and a specialized blogging feature. Though its e-commerce prowess is frequently lauded, its blogging capability often remains in the shadows.

A blog infuses vitality into an online store. For enterprises, blogging on Shopify transcends being just an added feature. Having a blogging platform is a tactical advantage for content marketing. Merging the art of storytelling with commerce, Shopify orchestrates a comprehensive digital journey. The outcome? An amplified brand visibility, augmented organic reach, and a profound bond with the clientele.

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Why Blogging is Essential for Your Shopify Store

Embracing the power of blogging on Shopify goes beyond enhancing your e-commerce presence; it's about leveraging the untapped potential of your brand. Let us explore the primary reasons why every Shopify store should prioritize blogging:

1) Enhancing Organic Traffic

  • The Allure of Fresh Content: In the expansive e-commerce realm, your offerings matter, but the manner in which they're showcased is equally pivotal. A frequently updated blog signals to search engines, such as Google, that your site is lively and evolving, leading to improved rankings.
  • Expanding Your Online Reach: Every blog post becomes a new page for search engines to index, amplifying your online presence. As users explore topics you've touched upon, your store emerges as their preferred landing point, drawing in prospective buyers.

2) Positioning as an Authority

  • Differentiating in the Digital Expanse: Amidst a plethora of online outlets, your blog can set you apart. Dispensing specialized knowledge, how-tos, and invaluable content marks you as a forerunner in your niche.
  • Stay Informed, Stay Ahead: Delving into industry shifts or addressing emerging challenges not only keeps you abreast but also positions your brand as a forward-thinking, adaptive player, bolstering your authoritative reputation.

3) Building Customer Relationships

  • Beyond the Numbers: A blog is more than a sales ledger; it's a bridge to your audience. Narrating tales, showcasing customer experiences, or offering a glimpse behind the scenes will deepen your bond with the clientele.
  • Treasure in Feedback: Engaging patrons through comments, surveys, or feedback provides a window into their perceptions. Such insights can steer the direction of your subsequent products or content approaches.

4) Elevating Sales

  • Stories that Drive Decisions: A blog transcends mere informational content; it serves as a catalyst. Weaving product references or offers into gripping narratives can steer readers from mere interest to a final purchase.
  • Stoking Excitement: Utilizing your blog to herald product launches or exclusive deals can generate anticipation and a sense of immediacy, spurring purchases and boosting turnover.

Setting Up Your Shopify Blog

Venturing into the realm of Shopify blogging promises rich rewards, provided it's built on solid groundwork. Let's delve into the intricacies of shaping a top-tier Shopify blog:

1) Selecting the Ideal Theme

  • First Impressions Count: A theme isn't merely a design decision—it serves as an initial handshake with prospective readers. Opt for one that aligns seamlessly with your brand's visual and philosophical identity.
  • Mobile-Readiness: In today's digital age, a considerable portion of readers browse on mobile devices. It's imperative that your theme adjusts beautifully across diverse screens to guarantee a uniform user experience.
  • Blogger-Centric Themes: Certain theme templates are crafted with bloggers in mind. They come integrated with value-adds like widgets for related articles, adaptable author profiles, and user-friendly social sharing options, simplifying your blogging voyage.

2) Tailoring Your Blog's Design

  • Branding Takes Center Stage: While themes offer a foundation, personal touches make your blog distinctively yours. Incorporate brand-specific hues, typography, and motifs to stamp your unique identity.
  • User Experience is Paramount: Navigating your blog should feel intuitive. Aim for transparent navigation, logical content arrangement, and a design that accentuates the content.

Shopify boasts a wealth of customization tools. Delve deeper into these features with the official Shopify customization manual.

3) Must-have Blogging Features

A. Encouraging Engagement:

  • Commentary Space: Provide a platform for readers to share thoughts, seek clarifications, or participate in dialogues. This not only cultivates a sense of community but also offers a window into your followers' inclinations.
  • Search Functionality: As your content repository expands, enable readers to seamlessly locate articles that resonate with them.
  • Content Organization: Strategically categorizing and tagging your pieces aids readers in effortlessly navigating and unearthing pertinent content.

B. Integrating Varied Media 

  • Text is undeniably compelling, but supplementing it with visuals—be it featured images, video clips, or infographics—can elevate your narrative. 
  • Ensure such elements load swiftly without compromising on clarity, ensuring an uninterrupted reading journey.

Best Practices for Blogging on Shopify

Understanding how to blog on Shopify requires more than just the basics. To truly make a mark, you need a concoction of creativity, tactical planning, and a good grasp of the technical aspects. Here's your roadmap to making your content truly resonate:

1) Producing Top-Notch Content

  • Stand Out with Authenticity: Amidst a sea of similar content, your original voice and perspective are your strongest assets. Challenge conventional narratives and infuse your own experiences to carve a distinct identity.
  • Do Your Homework: Well-researched articles have an air of authority. Make it a point to double-check your facts and always credit reliable sources to add depth to your content.
  • Mix It Up: Readers appreciate variety. From long-form articles to catchy infographics, diversifying your content keeps things fresh and engaging.

2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): It's More Than Just Dropping Keywords

  • Smart Keyword Placement: Integrate key phrases, like "Blogging on Shopify", naturally within your content - be it body, headings, or subheadings. This ensures your content remains reader-friendly while also being search engine optimized.
  • Your Digital Elevator Pitch: Meta descriptions are your first impression. Crafting a compelling one can significantly increase click-through rates.
  • Choose Images Wisely: Images can make or break user experience. They should be relevant, quick to load, and accompanied by descriptive alt text.

3) Extending Your Blog's Footprint

  • Social Media: Not Just for Posting: After publishing an article, the real work begins. Engage actively on social media, join relevant discussions, and spotlight contributions from your audience to create a sense of belonging.
  • The Evergreen Power of Emails: Emails remain a potent tool. Regular newsletters can serve as gentle nudges, reminding your audience of your latest offerings.
  • Collaborate to Grow: Guest postings or teaming up with influencers can put your content in front of new eyes, expanding its reach.

4) Cultivating a Committed Readership

  • It's a Conversation, Not a Lecture: Remember, blogging is interactive. Make an effort to respond to comments, consider feedback, and immerse yourself in the ongoing conversation to foster genuine connections.
  • Stay in Sync with Your Readers: Use tools like feedback forms or polls to get a pulse on what your readers are really thinking. Adjust your content strategy based on their input.

Exemplary Shopify Blogs to Inspire You

Navigating the Shopify blogging sphere, certain names inevitably rise to the forefront. These case studies have expertly wielded content to bolster brand presence, magnetize traffic, and spur sales. While we'll steer clear of direct domain names to these rivals, acknowledging their prowess and deriving insights is paramount:

1) GymShark Central

Beyond being a beacon for fitness attire, GymShark has sculpted an enviable sense of community. GymShark Central gracefully bridges product showcases with a trove of workout strategies, dietary guidance, and profiles of athletes. Aesthetically pleasing and intuitively categorized, the blog exudes user-friendliness.

GymShark Central Blog Homepage

2) The Future Rocks

This blog about diamonds explores the fine intricacies of extracting, cutting, and polishing these precious gemstones. It provides a window into the realm of artisanal jewelry, enlightening customers, about the opulence embodied in each unique piece.

The Future Rocks Blog Homepage

3) Pure Cycles Chronicles

Tailored for cycling zealots, this blog exemplifies niche-focused content excellence. Spanning from bicycle upkeep advice to recommendations for scenic routes, it ingeniously embeds product mentions without an overtly commercial vibe.

Pure Cycles Blog Homepage

4) He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style is a distinguished guide for the contemporary man, blending fashion with lifestyle. Founded by Brian Sacawa, it offers expert insights on style, grooming, and trends. A quintessential example for Shopify users seeking top-tier content inspiration.

He Spoke Style Blog Homepage

Gleaning insights from these standout Shopify blogs can be immensely enriching. Observe their unwavering emphasis on content excellence, visual appeal, and audience rapport. Though each carries its own distinct flair, their unwavering dedication to value provision and fostering camaraderie is evident, distinguishing them in the bustling e-commerce blogosphere. Need more inspiration? Check out these 9 awesome Shopify blogs for 2023.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging on Shopify

Diving into Shopify's content realm is no cakewalk; it has its hurdles. However, with a keen understanding of these stumbling blocks, you can avoid many of the typical content snags:

1) The Significance of SEO Can't Be Ignored

  • More Than Just Keywords: Think of SEO as a strategy, not just a sprinkle of keywords. It's about curating content that stands out and is discoverable. Overlooking the finer points of SEO might cost you significant organic visitors.
  • Crafting Connections: Smart external and internal linking boosts your SEO game and enriches the user experience. Missing out on this is like overlooking obvious opportunities.

Interested in digging deeper? SEO Basics for Bloggers offers comprehensive insights.

2) The Pitfall of Irregular Content Updates

  • Meeting Reader Anticipation: Regular content keeps readers hooked. Infrequent updates could wane their enthusiasm and trust.
  • Charting Your Path: Employing a content calendar is akin to having a reliable roadmap. It ensures you're consistently offering engaging posts.

3) Not Prioritizing Promotion

  • Letting Your Work Shine: Stellar content deserves an audience. If you skimp on promoting across various platforms, you're limiting its outreach.
  • Partnerships That Matter: Team-ups with notable influencers or contributing writers can greatly amplify the visibility of your content.

4) Sidestepping Mobile Compatibility

  • A Mobile Era: The modern reader predominantly consumes content on mobile devices. An unoptimized blog risks sidelining a massive segment of your potential readership.
  • Fluid Aesthetics: It's crucial that your blog maintains consistent elegance across various devices, ensuring uninterrupted immersion.

5) Passive Reader Engagement

  • Dialogue Over Monologue: A blog should foster dialogue, not just serve as a monologue platform. Neglecting comments or evading discussions imparts an aloof aura to your space.
  • Cultivating a Tribe: Spark discussions, solicit feedback, orchestrate polls, or curate Q&A segments. Such initiatives can weave a tight-knit community fabric.

In the sprawling realm of blogging on Shopify, it's this nuanced attention to detail that can set you on a pedestal. Evade these traps, maintain a keen eye, and your blog can serve as a lighthouse for many navigating similar terrains.

Tools and Plugins to Enhance Your Shopify Blog

In the blogging world, especially on platforms like Shopify, having the right tools in your arsenal can be a game-changer. Here's a rundown of some essential apps from the app store every budding Shopify blogger might want to check out:

A magnifying glass over a page, highlighting keywords

1) SEO Essentials - Making Your Content Shine

Finding Direction with SEO - Think of SEO tools as your navigation system in the vast world of the internet. They help tweak and refine your content for better search engine performance.

  • Yoast: Highly recommended by many, Yoast gives real-time feedback to ensure your content is SEO-primed right out of the gate.
  • SEMrush: An all-in-one powerhouse. It's perfect for keyword research for your online business, tracking your ranks, and even getting a peek into what your competitors are up to.

2) Crafting Your Content - Tools to Help Your Posts Pop

Leveling Up Your Writing - The right tools can truly transform your content, making it pop.

  • Grammarly: It's not just a spellchecker. Grammarly helps keep your content polished and on-brand.
  • Canva: If design isn't your strong suit, Canva is like a helpful friend. It makes graphic creation super simple and fun.

3) Insights and Feedback - Know Your Audience

an analytics dashboard displaying various webpage metrics

Gauging Your Impact: To know what's hitting the mark and what's missing on your ecommerce website, monitoring tools are essential.

  • Google Analytics: It's the MVP of web analytics, offering detailed insights into your audience's behavior.
  • Hotjar: This one's cool. It goes beyond mere stats, visualizing user interaction with heatmaps and recordings.

4) Jazz Up Your Blog with Plugins

More than Just Basics - Plugins are like the spices of the blogging world. They enhance the overall experience.

  • Disqus: An interactive commenting system, Disqus makes it super easy for readers and potential customers to jump into conversations.
  • Sumo: It's a suite of tools ranging from email captures to social sharing integrations, amplifying your blog's appeal.

To sum it up, these tools and plugins can totally redefine the Shopify blogging experience for your ecommerce site. They simplify, they enhance, and they ensure your hard work gets the attention it deserves on your Shopify site. After all, in the world of blogging, the right tools can really make your journey smoother.

Concluding Thoughts…

Blogging on Shopify app provides a great opportunity to strike a bond with your audience, establish authority, and boost sales. Going forward, remember that there is no substitute for crafting high-quality blog content. Stay abreast of the latest SEO practices for your ecommerce store and use the right tools to improve your new blog. And if you want all this goodness in one place, check out Bloggle. It is the ultimate Shopify blog-builder for your ecommerce business to quickly and easily create blog posts that are beautiful, responsive, and the ones that convert.


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It is extremely simple to setup your blog page on a Shopify theme, even without any knowledge of HTML or WordPress. You can check out the guide here. There are various blog templates and Shopify blog examples for any blog post ideas you have for your small business.

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

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