How to Add Products to Blog Posts on Shopify

Published on Jan 30, 2023

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

Whether you’re a large Shopify store or a small merchant, you know that the Shopify’s native blog feature is very limited. If you want to learn how to create beautiful and more complex posts that convert without writing code, you’re in the right place.

Embedding products to blog posts is crucial for cross-selling your customers and displaying your best-selling items or collections. The goal is to create a great customer experience that provides contextual, in-content purchase recommendations and therefore—encourages people to buy more.

Bloggle is the perfect Shopify app that lets you embed products to your Shopify blog posts with ease. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how. 

Did you know? Bloggle costs less than $25 per month and you can try it for 10 days for completely free. No credit card required.

Types of product embeds

There are three main ways you can embed products to your Shopify blog. It can be a single product embedded in which case you maybe want to promote a best-seller or the product you’re promoting perfectly aligns with the topic of the blog post.

Then there is a product carousel that presents a collection of similar products and often assists in increasing conversions. Customers are typically more proclived to purchase bundles or complementary products, especially if they come with some type of discount.

Products with description function as in-content ads because the accompanying copy might additionally persuade the person that the product is right for them. 

Single product

A great example of embedding a single product into your Shopify blog is when you want to zero in the specific features of it or even compare it to other, similar products. 

Let’s look at how Veloforte did it in their blog post “Best Energy Bars for Cycling”.

This in-depth, expert article provides an excellent example of how you can educate your audience and position your products as solutions to their pain points while not being too pushy.

As you can see, embedding a single product makes sense in case of this Shopify blog since the author is explaining which energy bars are best for their specific needs and nutrition requirements.

Product carousel

Here’s a great example of a product carousel coming from the brand called Chess Universe. In one of their blog posts that talks about how chess helps you increase focus and cognitive functions over time, they have smartly embedded a product carousel at the end of the post.

Why is this effective? In this case, a reader who is also a potential buyer, can observe different chess designs through an interactive carousel, compare prices, and click to view each individual product for more information.

Product with description

Here’s a lovely example of a Shopify embedded product with description coming from Caribshopper. This brand focuses on supporting the economic growth in the Caribbean region while also celebrating its culture.

So what is the value of embedding a single product with description into your blog? As you can see from this example, the blog talks about taking pride and celebrating Black hair. It provides tips on how to take good care of your “kinky curls” and the Natural Hair Growth Oil fits in perfectly. The description provides insights about the ingredients which might propel customers to put the product in their online carts even faster.

How to embed Shopify products into blog posts

Here’s how to embed Shopify products into blog posts:

  • Step 1: Install the Bloggle Shopify app
  • Step 2: Import your existing article into the Bloggle app
  • Step 3: Use the Bloggle editor to embed products into your blog simply by choosing single product preview, product carousel, or product with description

Embedding Shopify products into blog posts is very simple with Bloggle. It’s easy to use (even your interns or junior team members can do it), there’s no coding involved, and it’s hassle-free.

Step 1: Install the Bloggle app

Go to the Shopify app store and add Bloggle as your app.

You can sign up for a 10-day free trial before subscribing.

Step 2: Import an existing article to Bloggle

The next step is to import your desired article to Bloggle. You can see a button that says “IMPORT ARTICLE” in the upper right menu, next to “CREATE NEW BLOG”.

Step 3: Use the Bloggle editor to embed products into your blog

Once you import the article, it will appear in the Bloggle app and you will be able to work on it within the editor. Once you open it in the editor, click on the “ADD CONTENT” blue button.

Once you click on that button, various types of Bloggle blocks will appear of which you’ll be interested in the ones labeled as Products.

As  you can see, Bloggle offers you three different ways to embed your Shopify products to your blog: as a single product, product carousel (i.e. gallery), and as a product with description.

An entirely new menu appears once you insert the product into your blog post. There you can further customize the way your product will be displayed within your Shopify blog (see screenshot below). 

Can you embed Shopify products without an app?

Yes, it is possible to embed Shopify products without an app as well, but you do need to download Shopify’s Buy Button. Plus, there’s quite a bit of coding involved.

Step 1: Download and install the Shopify’s Buy Button

This is necessary because it enables your product previews within your Shopify blog and the “Add to cart” button as well.

Step 2: Write your blog post

You should have your blog post ready. Then, click on the <> in the upper right corner of your Shopify editor to toggle over to the HTML editor. Once you do that, you will see a lot of  </p> tags in your editor which mark the ends of the paragraphs you’ve written.

Step 3: Paste in the HTML code you got from the Buy Button

Figure out where in the text you want to embed your product, and paste the HTML code you got from the Shopify button after that paragraph (so, after your desired  </p>).

Step 4: Use the right HTML code

Depending on the way you’d like your product to be displayed within your Shopify blog post, you need to use the right HTML code. There is a specific HTML code you need to use if you want to display a single product, if you want to wrap text around your CTA button, if you want to center the button, or create a product gallery.

Bear in mind that the products might not always turn out the way you want them. Coding is delicate work. For more information about which codes to use, check out this blog.

Downsides of not using an app like Bloggle

There are inevitable downsides of not using an app like Bloggle which allows you to embed the product to your Shopify blog in just a click. We’ll name just a few.

HTML coding is only for tech-savvy people

From our point of view, even the most brilliant developers could use Bloggle because coding in this case is a waste of energy. We assume you'd prefer working on other pieces of code than the one determining the way products would be displayed— especially if there’s an affordable app that can help you achieve that with ease.

It’s time consuming

Not using an app like Bloggle will eat up your time which is the only resource we can never get back. How you manage your time directly impacts how you manage your e-commerce business. It makes much more sense to direct your time towards creating a cross-selling strategy or leveling up your product photography than figuring out the technicalities of how to display products in your Shopify blog posts.

It’s simply not practical

If your business has a team with different levels of experience, then uploading and publishing blog posts could be a great starting point for a junior looking to start a career in e-commerce or digital marketing. It’s a pity to create a bottleneck with impractical product embedding that would imply coding.

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