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Julien Mamalian

After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sort Blog Posts on Shopify [2024 Edition]

Published on Nov 07, 2023


Updated on May 14, 2024


In 2017, The Little Pot Company posed an intriguing question in one of their blog posts: "Is there a workaround for Shopify site’s limitation that restricts blog post sorting?" For years, this question hung in the ecommerce air like an unsolved riddle, a query that resonated with many online store owners. You see, Shopify’s blog platform rigidly arranges articles in chronological order, placing the newest at the top. But what if you have evergreen content, the heroes of your content arsenal, that deserve the spotlight? What if you need a more strategic approach to Shopify blog post sorting?

The long-awaited solution is finally here. With a Bloggle subscription, you can sort your Shopify blog articles in a manner that aligns with your business objectives and SEO goals.

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The Need to Choose the Order of the Blogs That Appear on the Blog Page

You cannot change the display order of blogs natively using the Shopify admin panel. Your Shopify blogs are always shown in reverse chronological order i.e. latest blog posts appear first. Even unpublishing and republishing an older blog post to bring it to the top doesn’t work. Because they add blog posts according to the ‘Date of publication’, not the date(s) they are modified. This is a major limitation because merchants might want to display certain blog posts on top because of the following reasons: 

Your Heroes Front and Center

Your star players in engagement and conversion should be the first thing potential customers see on the landing page of your storefront. Why does this matter? Simply put, these blogs solve problems or answer questions that your customers have. Placing them up front streamlines the customer journey, leading to potentially more efficient sales channels.

Dwell Time and SEO Metrics

Increased dwell time is a performance indicator for search engines like Google. The higher your dwell time, the more likely your page will rank favorably in search results. This directly contributes to the commercial success of your Shopify store.


So is there nothing that can be done? No, you can use an app like Bloggle to sort Shopify blog posts.

How to sort Shopify blog posts using Bloggle: A step-by-step tutorial

You can do this in Bloggle because we have API access, which enables us to edit code in the backend and change the publication date for any blog post. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1

Log in to your Bloggle Dashboard

Step 2

Create or Select the blog post for which you want to change the publication date. Let me show it for the template ‘My gift guide’, which is currently on Page 2 as you can see in the pagination.

Step 3

In the Settings tab, change the date in the ‘Publication date’ field

Step 4

Save and Voila! The ‘My gift guide’ blog post rises to the top and can be seen up front and center on Page 1 of the homepage

Did You Know?

Currently, this is the only way to sort blog posts on Shopify. But wait…there’s more! With Bloggle, you can also insert products, videos, table of contents, sidebar, and a lot more. Supercharge your Shopify blog and make it more engaging for readers with Bloggle. All without needing to write any complex HTML/Javascript code. 


Since you now know how easy it is to implement sorting in your Shopify blog posts, why not implement it? Bloggle offers you a simple solution to the limitations of Shopify's native capabilities.


1. How Do I Organize My Blog Posts on Shopify?

This functionality is not available natively on any Shopify theme. You have to use an app like Bloggle to change the publication date of a blog and change its position

2. How to Display All Blogs with Different Categories on One Page in Shopify?

This is possible using tags-based navigation. Refer to this comprehensive guide on how to add categories / tags to your Shopify blog header.

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle. Our mission? To assist merchants worldwide in crafting compelling articles that rank high in SEO and truly engage their audience. In just 3 years, over 2,000 clients have trusted us, publishing more than 55,000 articles through Bloggle. Thanks to them, I’ve learned the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid

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