9 Best Shopify Blog Examples (2023 edition)

Published on Feb 02, 2023


Updated on Sep 16, 2023

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

If you're new to blogging on Shopify, you might be searching for inspiration from leading blogs in the ecosystem. Getting inspiration from successful stores is a great idea and we are here to guide you.

Our legitimacy to write about Shopify blogging:

  • We created Bloggle, a Shopify app to help merchants overcome the native limitations.
  • Trusted by over 2,000 stores across 60 global destinations.
  • Our users created +55,000 live blogs.
  • A lot of users saw a 10x rise in blog SEO traffic and revenue with our guidance on blog's UX.

Many of the blogs highlighted in this article were created using Bloggle. While Shopify's native blogging tools are decent, installing an app like Bloggle can enhance your capabilities and help you achieve your blogging goals

In this article, I will show you our 9 favorite Shopify blog examples (plus one bonus).

Why successful companies have blogs on Shopify?

Before we delve deeper, you might be wondering; is all of this actually worth it? Can blogging really help me sell more products online, or is it just a clever marketing ploy by Shopify to get businesses to remain invested in its e-commerce ecosystem?

The answer is, it’s definitely worth it. As we speak, major companies from a range of industries use Shopify to sell products, talk to customers, and raise brand awareness online.

Let’s examine 9 best of the best Shopify blogs (+1 bonus) that caught our attention.

Best examples of Shopify blogs

  1. Veloforte
  2. Cameras by Max
  3. Caribshopper
  4. MTL Weights
  5. Polaar
  6. Thula Tula
  7. Mrs. Highbrow
  8. Lee Coreen
  9. Ayr Barns
  10. Bonus: Flow Yoga

1. Veloforte

Veloforte, the best nutrition blog on Shopify

Veloforte has a sports nutrition blog made on Shopify and designed with the Bloggle Shopify app. They publish blog posts to educate readers about sports nutrition and contextually promote their products within the content using product carousels and single product elements with Bloggle.

What we love about Veloforte’s blog:

  • Lead capture forms: discreet usage of lead capture forms entice curious readers to stay on board even if they don’t immediately buy something.
  • Product carousels: showcases products in an efficient way, saving space and adding dynamics and interactivity to the content. 
  • On-page links: makes navigation through longer pieces of content much faster and easier. 
  • Embedded products: tactical usage of embedded products enhance conversion rates for the price of a few images.

2. Cameras by Max

Camera by Max, the best photography blog on Shopify

Cameras by Max is a specialist Shopify store for camera enthusiasts. It uses Bloggle as its primary blogging engine. The blog covers a variety of topics related to photography, such as camera comparisons, accessory reviews, and basic photography tutorials.

What we love about Cameras by Max’s blog:

  • High-quality photos: to be expected from a blog about photography.
  • Related content suggestions: seamless links to other relevant posts.
  • Plenty of CTAs: gives users multiple options for interacting with the blog.
  • Kick-ass theme: few blogs manage to pull off red fonts on a light background, but Cameras by Max does it easily with tasteful colour choices.

3. Caribshopper

Caribshopper, the best culinary blog on Shopify

Caribshopper is the biggest Shopify marketplace for authentic Caribbean products. It has a professionally designed blog (powered by Bloggle) populated by posts on all things Caribbean, especially the cuisine. You can find tropical recipes, ingredient comparisons, health benefits analysis, and more.

What we love about Caribshoppper’s blog:

  • Tastefully colourful: the blog’s theme is a cornucopia of colour, while somehow remaining fully functional.
  • Tactical product embedding: product embeds are placed between key sections to ensure maximum conversion potential.
  • Text + images: product images are neatly wrapped with text, which gives off strong catalogue vibes, ideal for blogs focused on selling.
  • SEO content: lengthy posts with plenty of keywords go a long way towards improving Caribshopper’s organic reach on search engines.

4. MTL Weights

Montreal Weights, Camera by Max, the best photography blog on Shopify

Camera by Max, the best photography blog on Shopify

MTL Weights is Canada's premier weights retailer, offering high-quality, affordable home gym equipment at their Shopify store. They also run a successful fitness blog, created with Bloggle, which delves into a variety of fitness topics, from health and nutrition, to exercise tutorials and fitness shopping guides.

What we love about MTL Weights’ blog:

  • Easy-to-parse content: the blog uses larger-than-average fonts, which makes the content easy to parse at a glance.
  • Simple, powerful layout: the layout is simple but effective, exactly what you’d want for a blog about fitness.
  • Focused product images: no frills, no colourful backgrounds, just the weights and nothing else.
  • Interlinking: links to other blog articles makes navigation around the blog extremely easy.

5. Polaar

Polaar, the best beauty and cosmetics blog on Shopify

Polaar takes organic cosmetics to the next level with a range of products based on rare flora from the Arctic Circle. If you're wondering how one makes cosmetics from ingredients such as iceberg water, Siberian ginseng, or arctic cotton, you'll be happy to know that their Shopify blog is choke-full of content on these and related topics. 

What we love about Polaar’ s blog:

  • Expert-backed content: the blog’s founder Daniel Kurbiel has years of experience exploring the Arctic and collecting rare plant specimens, which makes for plenty of insightful content.
  • Impeccable product photos: the blog has excellent photos all around, but the product photos really stand out thanks to the tasteful use of contrast, negative space, and Photoshop effects.
  • Consistency: the blog has been running strong since 2018, giving visitors plenty of content to browse and creating a vibrant community around Polaar.
  • Good use of internal links – Polaar’s blog posts use internal links to great effect, making it easy for users to navigate the blog and find content that interests them.

6. Thula Tula

Thula Thula, the best blankets blog on Shopify

Thula Tula is a Shopify store that sells sustainably and ethically crafted blankets made in South Africa. The company’s core values are compassion, community, and care, universal themes which are further developed through their blog content. And once again, Bloggle is what makes it all work.

What we love about the Thula Tula blog:

  • Wholistic design: Thula Tula blog posts have it all, embedded products and product carousels, images, image galleries, varied text backgrounds and typography, the works. And somehow they managed to make it all come together to create a unified UX.
  • Comfy colour palette: Thula Tula uses soft colours almost exclusively, giving the blog a gentle, caring look, which goes along well with their products.
  • Intelligible layout: the blog post grid is inch-perfect with images of just the right size for a layout that is clear, concise, and expansive at the same time.
  • The message: it’s hard not to mention the values the blog espouses, earning it extra points for not being just about the business, but about helping people.

7. Mrs Highbrow

Mrs Highbrow, the best beauty blog on Shopify

Mrs. Highbrow is a top-rated brow bar from the Netherlands with a strong Shopify presence. Their blog is a one-stop shop for everything eyebrow related. You can find eyebrow makeup tips, product showcases, interviews with experts from the cosmetics industry, and other pertinent content related to the culture of eyebrow care. 

What we love about Mrs. Highbrow’s blog:

  • Product-focused tutorials: embedded products are seamlessly inserted into makeup tutorials, gently nudging visitors towards conversion.
  • Perfect feature images: pixel-perfect images of women with perfectly manicured brows are a powerful incentive to click to find out more.
  • Social-media embeds: embedded Instagram posts are used to great effect, giving customers a taste of how their brows can look in a real-world setting.
  • Snappy UI: fast loading speeds, responsive buttons, and organically placed menus make this blog a joy to navigate.

8. Lee Coreen

Lee Coren, the best handbags blog on Shopify

Lee Coreen is a fashion icon and entrepreneur, and her blog is a class above similar-sized fashion outlets on Shopify. She sells original, handcrafted, 100% vegan wallets and bags. Her Bloggle blog is a place where she talks about her love of travel, Greek architecture, and most of all animals.

What we love about Lee Coreen’s blog:

  • Clever use of diagrams: in addition to featuring embedded products, the blog uses diagrams to showcase how products are designed.
  • Custom CTAs: instead of using generic CTA buttons like “buy” or “shop”, the blog uses custom ones like “choose size and colour”.
  • Subtle sales: the blog has a small number of sales CTAs, which makes the ones present stand out more, improving UX and conversion potential at the same time.
  • Multi-lingual support: the blog is multilingual, which broadens its organic reach.

9. Ayr Barns

AYR barns, the best recipes blog on Shopify

Ayr Barns is a Shopify blog that sells a curated list of artisanal handcrafted goods. The blog is powered by Bloggle, and it's mostly used to publish articles on countryside living, home cuisine, and wellness psychology. 

What we love about Ayr Barns’ blog:

  • Stunning images: the blog uses high-resolution images throughout, file size be damned, which makes for really evocative blog posts.
  • Recipe-driven conversion: recipes make up the brunt of the blog’s content, part of an effective sales tactic whereby you give customers something of value first, and then nudge them towards conversion by offering cooking paraphernalia as embedded products.
  • Effective interlinking: blog posts are mutually interlinked, leading both to product pages and related blog posts, which improves long-term engagement with customers.
  • Storytelling:  in addition to hosting a slew of helpful content, the blog contains posts that read like a story from the old west.

10. Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga Wear, the best yoga blog on Shopify

Flow Yoga is a Shopify blog and store for yoga enthusiasts. They sell yoga leggings, tops, mats, and other products that evoke the Far East. Their blog is like a New Age library full of advice on spirituality, wellness, nutrition, and yogic exercises. 

What we love about the Flow Yoga blog:

  • Content diversity: the blog targets multiple content niches for the price of one, proving that blogging is one of the most effective forms of e-commerce marketing.
  • Thematic CTAs: Flow Yoga uses thematic CTAs like “find your flow”, to add an extra dash of quirkiness to an otherwise purely functional webpage element.
  • Good tagging: instead of using generic tags such as “yoga” or “wellness” for their content, the blog opts for tonally more appropriate ones like “non-attachment”, “myofascial release”, or “abundance”.

What we can learn from Shopify blog examples 

The key takeaway from these examples is that fundamentals matter. You don’t need special skills or advanced strategies to run a successful Shopify blog. So Let’s summarise everything we’ve learned.

Here are 5 essential takeaways for Shopify blogging…

1. Products

Products are the backbone of your Shopify content. Write about them often, and embed them into your posts where possible. This makes it easy for customers to seamlessly switch from browsing to buying once they’re ready.

2. Visuals

Visuals are essential for keeping your blog posts lively and engaging. They are more effective at capturing viewers' attention than text. Use them throughout your blog as feature images, product images, diagrams, and everything else.

3. CTAs

CTAs are the linchpin that makes it all work. Tactical use of CTAs within your content is essential for actually getting customers to buy something. Try to be creative with your CTAs - use context-appropriate naming, make them stand out by colouring them something vivid like red or orange.

4. UX

Designing your blog with user experience in mind is essential for making your blog ‘click’ with customers. To this end, make sure your blog is functional, visually distinct, fast to load, easy to navigate, and thematically consistent. 

5. Content

Your blog content serves two important purposes - to nudge customers to convert and to help search engines divert traffic to your Shopify store. As you can see from the examples, your content should be divided into sections via headings, it should contain relevant SEO keywords, and should provide value to customers.

How to create your own Shopify blog posts

The easiest way to create beautiful Shopify blog posts is to use Bloggle, the best-rated Shopify blogging app.

Use Bloggle’s examples as templates

Bloggle provides a selection of blog post templates for quick content creation. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

You can even use the experimental AI text generation feature to generate content on the fly. Just select AI Generated Content from Bloggle’s post-creation wizard.

Create beautiful blog designs using examples as inspiration

All of the examples we’ve discussed were made using Bloggle. Using these blogs as inspiration is a great way to get started with Shopify blogging. It’s also a great way to learn about blog post design.

Save your blog posts as templates for future use

If you’re keeping track of your blog’s performance (and you definitely should), you can select posts that are performing well, and turn them into templates.

If you’re new to blogging on Shopify, you probably have a couple of questions on your mind, probably along the lines of:

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