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The best Shopify blog examples in 2022

Granted, Shopify is your all-in-one commerce platform, but in 2022, it's not so easy to elevate your brand and convert online traffic into sales. You need bespoke, SEO-optimized blogs and branded blog posts. Start today by sampling our list of Bloggle’s best Shopify blog examples and leverage your best-in-class ecommerce platform.

Retracing the history of blogging and its importance for ecommerce

The blog is both a modern-day art form and a powerful marketing tool for ecommerce platforms, including on Shopify. Blogs history dates to 1994 with the first-ever blog developed by Justin Hall which essentially reviewed the theme of HTML. Then, in 1997, Jorn Barger famously coined the term “weblog”, which was shortened to “blog” in 1999 by a certain Peter Morholz who would go on to spearhead apps such as Groupon.   Why’s this important? Well, because in today’s market, blogs and blogging on your stores' website are and will be the key ingredients to successful branding, great customer engagement, and online traffic and sales conversion! It’s reported that there are now over 440 million blogs on Tumblr, Squarespace and WordPress alone. Fast-forward to 2022 and we’ve moved on from WordPress to WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and indeed Shopify. These platforms allow for the integration of branded blog posts on your shop website, combined with ecommerce platform features to help you improve the ranking of your online stores on search engines.   But that’s no longer enough to scale up performance and drive measurable online sales in your shop. In fact, recent statistics from GrowthBadger (2019) clearly show that the number one ecommerce and blogging success factor is “quality of content”. As people, we live in a data-driven age of content. In this article, we will explain exactly what “quality” means and how to create quality posts for your blogs. Admittedly, Shopify is a robust tool, but it’s high time we could find a review of the best Shopify blog examples. So, here goes!

Producing a top-notch design-responsive blog with Lane44™

Lane44™ is a great theme showcase for high-quality content and the reason it’s one of our best Shopify blog examples is for its sleek, minimalist display comprising a series of purposeful images of their products. The key takeaway is that Lane44™ offers a design-responsive blog. The Company’s multiple content templates are seamlessly integrated as blog article posts, and help customers to quickly and easily access all the top tips and tricks for shaving whether they’re reading a post from a computer, mobile or tablet device. Thumbs up to Lane44™! They’ve created one of the best Shopify blog examples of design-responsive content!  

Perfecting the SEO-optimized blog with Nuoo

Nuoo’s marketing products epitomize an expert-made SEO-optimized blog (Search Engine Optimization on accurate keywords). With its fully-integrated Yoast alternative, the Company has all the features in place to top the Google rankings and ratings with each product. What’s more, Nuoo’s Shopify store app displays all the SEO content functionalities required to convert traffic into ecommerce platformsales success! Whether it’s the long-tail keywords, the engaging What, Why, How questions on products’ benefits, or the intricate focus on the latest trending beauty product language, it’s one of the best Shopify blog examples we could find in terms of SEO optimization!  

Spotlighting a bespoke blog with Flowrette

Flowrette is an intriguing Shopify blog example. Through its great bespoke blog posts, the brand subtly entices readers with beautifully crafted writing and an accomplished structure, consistent with the Maison’s distinguished, high-end positioning. This results in delicately balanced branded blog posts which not only reflect the materials used to make Flowrette’s handmade candles, but also highlight the brand’s items which are tailored to the seasons, for instance.   On the flip-side, another case in point for bespoke, branded blog posts is Cameras by Max with its more technical in-focus review of half-frame cameras, resembling the functionalities of a camera and the action associated with the art of photography. Hats off to both Flowrette and Cameras by Max for developing consummately professional ecommerce platforms!

Combining all these features to deliver premium quality through Bloggle

So, now you’re thinking how can my Shopify app encompass a design-responsive, SEO-optimized and bespoke blog in order to create quality blog posts for your customers? Well, we will let you in on a little secret: the answer is Bloggle! In fact, Bloggle is your all-in-one Shopify bloggingsolution.   Bloggle’s many features include none other than real-time tracking of your post's SEO optimization rating on search engines, multi-functional design and theme capabilities for computers, mobiles and tablets, Online Store 2.0 thematic compatibility to easily upload images and photos of each product, and not forgetting advanced video integration components to quickly embed YouTube and Vimeo material as well as content from many other video hosting apps.   On top of this, what makes Bloggle unique is its additional integration functionalities, which to date, are either not available or not as readily compatible with any other Shopify blog apps on the market! The first of these is its Klaviyo integration feature, which will let you seamlessly incorporate marketing email campaigns, newsletters and SMS into your blog articles. Now that's what we call design!   Second is Bloggle’s impressive translation integration button which not only connects automatically to Weglot but also Langify – two of the language industry’s leading website and blog post translation solutions. This enables you to draft fully internationalized content within a single day of publication on your Shopify site!   The third and final Bloggle functionality worth mentioning is its intuitive template products. In practical terms, this means you will instantly recycle all your company and organization templates (style, buttons, fonts, layout, etc.) and store all your articles in a single space (on Bloggle) including your deleted articles. And you can do all of this without needing to spend an extra hour or dollar on module and plug-in add-ins!   In short, then, Bloggle is both your go-to time-saving and cost-effective enterprise platform. Its singular interface and module, coupled with its automatic, fast-track template integration system make it the most hassle- and stress-free Shopify blog app in today’s market. Is your business blogger appetite still whet!? Thanks to Bloggle, you can write branded blog posts that are design-responsive, SEO-optimized and bespoke to your special product. In doing so, you too can deploy an ecommerce platform with content that features among the best Shopify blog examples.

Gaining the full online benefits of Bloggle

 At Bloggle, we don't settle for custom-made templates! Our Shopify packages exceed customer expectations day in, day out, thanks to our personalized support service and to our tutorials and FAQs. But wait! That's not it! The Bloggle store lets you sample a free and exclusive demo. That way, your business is in complete control of the tone, style, design and theme of your blogging content strategy, right from day one!   So, go on! Tell Bloggle your brand story and set the stage for your products to become one of the best Shopify blog examples on the market!   Why not check out our features and customer reviews?”