How to add an author in a Shopify blog


Julien Mamalian

August 15, 2022

You want to use the Shopify author feature for your blog? Discover our quick step-by-step process to change the default author name and add extra authors.

What is an author in a Shopify blog?

Whenever you create a blog article in Shopify, you’ll have to pick an author. The default author name is the name of your own account, as the Shopify administrator.

Even though you have to set an author for each article, you don’t necessarily have to display it. Depending on your theme and its features, you can set up blog article templates so as to hide the name of the author.

Should you have multiple authors in Shopify?

Should you sign your article with an author name and use the multiple-author feature offered by Shopify? The answer depends on the typology of your business.

If your blog features general news or posts about your products, maybe hiding the author's name is the best choice. If you have a strong personal brand, it can be strategic to sign articles with your own name. You can also have experts or writers contribute to your blog and display their names for credibility.

Beware that to add an author, you’ll need to use a staff account. And the number of staff accounts you can create is limited by your Shopify plan. For example, if you’re on the Shopify Basic plan ($29 per month) you’ll be able to have 2 staff accounts, so you can use 3 authors’ names, including your own admin account.

Add an author in a Shopify blog: the step-by-step process

Change the default author’s name

To change the default author name, go to your Shopify admin dashboard at and follow these steps:

  • On the top right side of the dashboard, click Your name then Manage account
  • Fill in the First Name and Last Name sections with the name you want to appear in the blog posts
  • Click Save

Add an extra author in Shopify

If you need more than one author name, you can add an extra author by following the process below:

  • On the left side menu, click Settings
  • Click Users and permissions
  • Click Add staff
  • Fill in the First Name and Last Name sections with the name of your author, as you want them to appear in the blog posts
  • Fill in the Email section with your contributor’s email address. If you don’t have a proper additional person to send the invite to, type in your own secondary email address.
  • Click Send invite (you can leave all authorizations unticked)
  • Go back to your blog post. In the Organization section, under Author, type in the first letter of your new author’s name and select it (you don’t have to wait for the staff member to accept the invitation in order to set them as an author)


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