6 Best Shopify Blog Templates in 2023

Published on Jan 13, 2023

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

Whether you're looking for a clean and minimal design, or something with more visual flair, we've got you covered. So, without further ado, let's dive in and explore the best Shopify blog templates of the new year!

Looking for the best Shopify blog templates? It’s difficult to get started from scratch when setting up your blog, and templates can solve that problem.

Unfortunately, Shopify’s native blog feature doesn’t have any templating capabilities. But using a Shopify blogging app like Bloggle allows you to:

  • Choose templates from the library
  • Create and save your own templates to reuse
  • Easily recreate any blog examples you like

Here are our 6 favorite blog layout templates for different types of blog posts:

  1. Gift guide
  2. Collection
  3. Lookbook
  4. Product
  5. Interview
  6. Recipe

We’ve created these templates specifically for Bloggle users. Simply install the app in your Shopify store to access our templates library.

1. Gift guide

Let’s start with the Gift guide template for your Shopify blog. People are always searching for gift ideas for their loved ones. What better way to help them out and promote your products than with a specially designed Gift guide template?

Three things that make this template a great choice if your want to make a gift listicle and embed your products within your blog post:

  • The introduction section visually stands out and allows you to hook the attention of the reader from the very start.
  • When a user scrolls down the page, the visuals and the accompanying text follow the way the reader moves through the article which makes the page more engaging and dynamic.
  • Finally, this Shopify template is incredibly customizable.

When you’re in editor mode, you can embed products with prices and rearrange the elements in any way you want. This is a smart way to lead your prospects through the sales funnel.

Let’s say you own a Shopify cosmetics online store. You can write about the perfect gifts for men and women, be it beard products, perfumes, or luxurious gift packages that include anti-aging products. Then simply embed the products that you have in stock and create a CTA inviting enough for your potential buyers.

This way, you’re shortening the pathway between the original intent (i.e. customers looking for gift ideas) and the purchase decision (i.e. customers buying your product because it looks great and you secured a sale through the content of the article).

When you’ve finished customizing your template, simply click “Save template” in the upper right-hand corner, and you can use it anytime you want to create a gift guide listicle.

Did you know? All Bloggle’s templates, including the Gift guide we just described, have an as-you-type SEO analyzer. This means you can quantify how well your blog is optimized and follow tips from Bloggle to improve the score.

2. Collection

Want to display a group of products or create a certain type of product catalog? That’s easy to do with the Shopify Collection template, available in Bloggle. This template can assist your potential customers in easily finding what they are looking for at your online store, whilst also providing an opportunity for you to upsell to them. 

Of course, you’ll have to be careful not to overwhelm the customer with choice and cause analysis paralysis. Collections shouldn’t contain too many items but instead they should have something that’s distinctive and immediately recognizable about them.

Here are three things that are great about the Collection template:

  • By default, the template suggests you should start your page with a short sentence that would introduce a collection, and it has a horizontal visual that can be used to present your most prominent products
  • You can combine visuals and text to effectively present your products with CTAs so that your potential buyers can easily purchase them
  • It’s possible to add more than three products and create a slider which will not only increase engagement rates on your page but might also impact the decision of your potential buyers to put more than one item into their shopping cart

Did you know? While you’re editing your Bloggle templates, you have two types of customer support available. If you take a look at the bottom right hand corner, you will see two blue circles. Clicking on the first one gives you access to help documentation and the other one is live chat.

3. Lookbook

Want to create a stunning lookbook? Bloggle has a template that’s predominantly visual and created with fashion brands, designers, and visual creators in mind. Obviously, you can use the Lookbook as a Shopify template for other purposes as well.

The Lookbook enables you to display your clothes, designs or art in a compelling way. If you use high-quality photos in high resolution and combine horizontal and landscape layouts, you can create a visually stunning page.

Here’s why Lookbook is a great Shopify template choice if you want to create a portfolio or an editorial for your fashion line:

  • You can add a CTA button that will lead your site visitors to product pages and then from there, they can pick the best outfit or a piece of art (e.g. postcard, poster)
  • You can control the amount of text and visuals, i.e. decide whether you want your images to speak for themselves or you want to provide additional context in paragraphs 
  • With a drag-and-drop system, it’s incredibly easy to create the exact layout you want because the base of Lookbook Shopify template is already image-heavy

Did you know? With Bloggle, it’s simple to add and reorder content elements in any way you want to, save the draft, and then click “preview” to see what the page would look like when published live.

4. Product

If you’re looking to create a product-oriented article, then this Shopify template is the right choice for you. Bloggle’s Product template offers the best starting point for a post that will bring in the sales.

Start writing the article about the pain point your audience is experiencing, try to create content that’s comprehensive and educational, and then embed your product as the ultimate solution to their problems.

Here are a few things that are great about the Product template from Bloggle:

  • You already have the winning product layout with standalone quotes, and a great dynamic of images and written content
  • It’s easy to embed products by adding them from your product gallery
  • You can customize the look and feel of your CTA buttons while Bloggle gives you suggestions for standard ratios so that the page remains responsive

Did you know? With Bloggle, you have full control over your Shopify blog template. Also, when embedding products, you can choose where in the post you’d like them to be displayed (left, center, or right) and search products by title or their SKU.

5. Interview

There is a reason why renowned media outlets succeed at creating engaging interviews. Besides the obvious ingredient of great journalism, they also have a sense of what’s visually appealing and how different textual components should complement images to cause the least cognitive strain for the reader.

This Shopify blog template brought to you by Bloggle is called Interview. It’s designed with a clear goal in mind: to make the reader continue consuming content, from one sentence to the next one. 

If you look at the layout, you’ll see that it starts with cursive text that could be a summary of the interview or a brief introduction that captures the reader’s attention. Other elements include block quotes that visually stand out, images, questions, and paragraphs of text.

Here are a few things that are great about the Interview template from Bloggle:

  • It’s a tested template that offers the optimal mixture of text, visuals, and block quotes that work great for interviews
  • It’s great for customer testimonials (e.g. you have a satisfied customer that once suffered from hair loss but was helped by your products)
  • You can embed products directly from your product gallery and increase conversions by helping your potential customers identify with the person you’ve interviewed (especially with a problem they faced and then successfully solved thanks to you) 

6. Recipe

6. Recipe

If you’re looking for a Shopify blog template to help you present your recipes attractively, we have some good news: the search is over. Bloggle’s Shopify template called Recipe does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a simple yet effective blog template that allows you to share your culinary art with your followers and potential customers. By default, it includes the name of the recipe, an image of the delicious dish, the ingredients required to make the dish, and a step-by-step preparation guide.

Let’s say you’re selling cookbooks. Revealing tasty recipes is a good way to intrigue your potential customers and entice them into learning more about your product. That’s why the Recipe template comes with a CTA button.

Here are a few things that you’ll like about this Shopify template:

  • It’s very easy to customize and replace the lorem ipsum content with your own, without worrying about messing up the grids or the responsiveness of the template
  • It’s simple and minimalistic but you can change the elements as you wish
  • You’ll have a solid starting point for creating a more complex recipe layout with additional content fields (for example, you can add a Summary at the very start of your post so that your readers immediately know if the recipe is beginner-friendly)

Did you know? Regardless of which Bloggle Shopify template you choose, you can check how the page will look on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

How to use blog templates on Shopify

Using blog templates on Shopify is easy with Bloggle. Let’s go over it step by step.

Step #1: Click on “Create new blog” from your Bloggle’s dashboard

Step #2: Select the Bloggle template you want

Step #3: Add post settings

Step #4: Choose your method for creating the article

Step #5: Within the Bloggle editor, you can freely customize all the content elements (reorder them or add new ones)

And that’s all there is to it! Bloggle is very user-friendly, so just by going through the settings, you should be able to change the look and feel of your template in any way you want. This includes images, colors, fonts, and the overall layout. The drag-and-drop system allows people who are not tech-savvy to create visually appealing posts without any hassle.

Bonus: Create your own Shopify blog templates

Prefer to create your own Shopify blog template? That’s also possible in Bloggle. Let’s go over this process step by step as well.

Step #1: Click on “Create new blog” from your Bloggle’s dashboard

Step #2: Click on “Blank template” to create your own template from scratch

Step #3: Add post settings

Step #4: Choose your method

Step #5: Start building your template by adding content blocks or watch the Bloggle demo video first

Once you click on “Add content”, you’ll be presented with a plethora of different content blocks that you can use to build your template. Play around with it and once you’re done, you can click the “Save template” button in the upper right corner.

And then you’ll have it: a template you can reuse as many times as you want in the future to achieve visual consistency and save time as you won’t need to start from scratch.

Did you know? Bloggle has 19 different types of content blogs that you can use to make your Shopify template look stunning.

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