The best Shopify SEO apps in 2023

Shopify app store offers a vast amount of SEO apps, all promising to drive more customers to your store.

But it’s not easy to get the right option that offers convenient features at a comfortable price. So we have put the following guide together to help you in making a choice that best suits you. The guide consists of five of the best SEO apps for Shopify, carefully handpicked after thorough research, which involved testing the tools and scouring through reviews from the Shopify app store.

In a hurry and want to jump to the apps straight away? Here’s a quick list.

Our top 5 bests Shopify SEO apps

Details of our list of the best SEO apps :


Best for creating SEO-optimized blog posts

Bloggle is a full-suite blog builder app that you can use to design blog posts, schedule them, and, most importantly - it offers a complete SEO tool to optimize your blog posts on the fly.

The tool helps you to create professional blog posts in less than four hours and optimize them for organic traffic without using a third-party SEO tool.

The best part? 

The tool is built with excellent user experience in mind. It’s intuitive, has a quick onboarding process, and provides ready-to-use templates to make your blog creation even more effortless.

Features :

SEO Scoring Tool

Bloggle’s main SEO feature is designed to help you optimize your blog posts for search engines in real-time.

It works in the same way as a Yoast plugin but is more advanced due to the real-time SEO suggestions. Some of these include:

  • Length of your SEO title
  • Meta Description
  • Focus keywords
  • Featured image alt Tag
  • SEO formatting
  • Best practice for hyperlinking

The tool is available on the right side of the blog page builder section. Activate it once you’ve finished writing your article and implement the suggestions.

That’s not all.

Multiple test speeds have shown that Bloggle doesn’t affect your Shopify store speed. So you can create SEO-optimized blog pages with fast loading that assures a good user experience.

Blog Editor

Bloggle’s page editor enables you to write and design blog posts quickly with the help of the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

You also get an arsenal of built-in elements inside the page editor to format and spice up your articles.

These include a table of contents, font styles, buttons, social media shares, dividers, images, and integrations with third-party apps like Klaviyo.

The best part? As you keep driving traffic to your blog pages, you will want to send most of the traffic to your product page. 

But instead of putting a link to the page, Bloggle lets you embed product pages in your articles.

So as visitors read your post and come across your product image, they’ll be able to click on the image and be led to the product page to fill out their information.

This boosts engagement rates and ultimately brings in more conversions. Below is an example.

Templates & Scheduler

As your Shopify store keeps growing, you will become engaged in researching and implementing growth strategies or ensuring customers have a good shopping experience.

This means you’ll have less time to create blog posts. Bloggle’s got you covered for that. The tool offers a library of ready-to-use templates. You can also create customized templates to maintain brand consistency in your posts.

Click “create new blog” on your dashboard to access the templates. This action takes you to a new template page shown in the GIF below.

To create your templates from scratch, select the “your templates” icon and create something new.

Another unique addition is the schedule option which eases blog post creation and publishing. The schedule feature lets you automatically pick a date and time for your article to go live.

So, for example, if you anticipate having one of those crazy weeks getting an influx of orders that will eat into your blogging time, you can use the blog scheduler to take care of the task for you.

As you grow your Shopify store, you will want to drive more qualified traffic to it via your blog posts. But this is difficult to do if you don’t have a way to present your products within the content. Bloggle allows you to embed products into your blog posts and it takes just one click for your shoppers to go to the product and fill up their shopping cart.

Blog Layout

An intuitive blog layout for your Shopify store makes it easy for visitors to cruise through your blog.This reader experience is easier said than done. Why? Most Shopify pages only give attention to the product page, which hinders customer engagement with blog posts.

Bloggle’s page layout is simple. It’s built with a well-thought-out UX and UI. You’ll use the drag-and-drop editor to design your visual and blog layout. Furthermore, it provides you with multiple header and title styles, navigation tools, and search bars. You can preview it on different devices to get a feel of users' experience when navigating your page.

Booster SEO and Image Optimizer

Best for technical SEO in Shopify

Booster SEO is a popular Shopify SEO app with over 4k reviews, most from happy clients. It’s explicitly built for Shopify pages but still functions as a full-suite SEO tool for websites. Furthermore, since most Shopify owners aren’t tech-savvy, Booster SEO has a generally intuitive interface for ease of use. The tool ensures you’re set up for on-page SEO by constantly monitoring and automatically optimizing your store to meet Google’s best practices in technical SEO.

Automated SEO optimizer

This is an autopilot feature that finds technical hitches on your Shopify store and automatically fixes them based on a set of customizable rules. While the feature gives you SEO superpowers, learning and customizing how it works will take time. That might be a downside if you have a big store and little time. But on the more positive side, investing those hours in advance can save you hours of SEO work in the future. 

The SEO optimizer does three things:

  • Monitors your Shopify page for recent changes and applies the correct SEO settings.
  • Applies SEO settings on all your Shopify pages, like product pages, to keep your site optimized for traffic.

Allows you to customize automatic SEO settings in all your product pages simultaneously

SEO health score

This feature gives you an overall rating of your Shopify page’s SEO score.

It will analyze all your Shopify store pages using pre-set SEO audit points and automatically calculate them to give you a score.

As a result, issues that need your attention are highlighted. These include:

  • Target keywords needed
  • Target keywords not found in the meta description
  • Title tag not found

Once done, you can mend all the issues based on the suggestions provided in one click. 

The SEO health score updates once every day.  So don’t worry if an improvement you have made is not reflected in the health score.

Reports and Metrics

An intuitive blog layout for your Shopify store makes it easy for visitors to cruise through your blog.This reader experience is easier said than done. Why? Most Shopify pages only give attention to the product page, which hinders customer engagement with blog posts.

Bloggle’s page layout is simple. It’s built with a well-thought-out UX and UI. You’ll use the drag-and-drop editor to design your visual and blog layout. Furthermore, it provides you with multiple header and title styles, navigation tools, and search bars. You can preview it on different devices to get a feel of users' experience when navigating your page.

SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed by Avada

Best for small businesses

SEO image Optimizer by Avada is a full-suite SEO software that gives you all the necessary tools to optimize your page for organic traffic. The tool is well known for its ease of use and robust customer support. It’s therefore, perfect for small business owners who don’t know much about SEO and need someone to walk them through the tool. Here are the few features we found interesting.

Image Optimization

Two things come to mind when you talk about image SEO for your Shopify store - Alt tags and image size/quality. With Alt tags, you can describe your images in short texts that search engines can read based on the keyword the user typed in. Doing that manually for all your product images is time-consuming.

Furthermore, hiring an SEO manager would be an extra cost for something you’d instead be able to do automatically. SEO image optimizer auto inserts alt tags to your product images using the product’s name and store.It also allows you to compress the product images automatically or customize them. Either way, you get to improve your website page speed which boosts customer experience and increases time on page.

Google Search Console

Whilst most Shopify SEO apps aren’t customizable with SEO features, SEO image optimizer by Avada is quite different as you can integrate it with Google search console. This duo gives you the perfect balance to manage your site’s traffic and SEO performance.With this integration, you get unique functions you won’t get from SEO image optimizer alone. Here are a few examples.

  • Site reports: This function lets you see the search terms bringing traffic to your Shopify page store. It audits clicks, impressions, and ranking on the SERPs.
  • Links: The tool will send you notifications if it gets wind of any broken links that you need to fix.
  • Site map: To ensure that Google has updated information about your Shopify page store, you can submit sitemaps and other URLs in the search console for crawling.

SEO analysis

You aim to optimize all your pages to rank better on search engines. However, you might miss out on essential SEO suggestions if you do it manually. SEO image optimizer provides an analysis tool to help you get everything right. The tool analyzes all your product pages and gives you SEO suggestions. All you need to do is implement all the adjustments and wait to see how your page reacts.

SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

Best UI/UX

SearchPie SEO booster offers step-by-step guidance and real-time support on all the pricing plans to boost your SEO knowledge daily.

The simplicity and feature-richness make the perfect combination to fit every Shopify store owner, from beginners to experts. As a result, you’ll save on SEO costs as you don’t have to purchase more tools. Some of SearchPie SEO booster’s features include:

24/7 Real-Time Support

Whether you’re testing the tool for free or have subscribed to their top-tier plan, the software provides robust customer support. As a Shopify owner new to this SEO thing, this will be handy as you can often encounter challenges when optimizing your site. The customer support team will assist you in handling technical SEO functions like fixing SEO errors and any IT-related problems.

SEO Website Score

The tool audits your websites on a daily schedule and gives you an overall score of your Shopify store's SEO health.

For example, it will analyze metatags, image alt, and broken links. Once done, you can fix them all at once with the click of a button and avoid spending valuable time fixing errors manually.

Here’s a GIF image to show how the process works.

Advanced Google Snippets

With a focus on a solid online presence, SearchPie SEO booster lets you create rich Google snippets for all your pages.

As a result, you can attract more attention to your page with highlighted elements on a search page. The exciting bit is that you can set the tool to auto-add the snippets with the click of a button. That’s next-level usability.

Smart SEO

Best for scaling businesses

Smart SEO is a simple Shopify SEO app tool with fewer features when compared to the other tools.Although that might be a concern, the good thing is that it gives you the main features that form the basis of your Shopify SEO.

Even better, these features are available on the free plan. So if you have a small Shopify store and don’t have the budget for a full-suite SEO tool, you can get by with alt tags, meta tags, broken links for 100 pages, and image optimization for 50 images.

Apart from being an easy-to-use and feature-rich Shopify SEO app, the cost the for paid plans is affordable and tiered, giving flexible room for scaling Shopify store owners.

Below are the tool’s popular features. 

Multi-language SEO

Smart SEO allows you to create information on your Shopify pages optimized for different languages. As a result, people from different nationalities can get your store ranked in their language. For example, if your page is only optimized for English, you still have potential customers from France who don’t know English but might love your product.

Translating your page into the local dialect drives traffic to your site and increases your store's ratings due to the reviews from overseas customers.

SEO tools and Automation

Smart SEO enables you to automate most SEO tasks that would take up much of your time if you did them manually.

For example, you can create meta tags and alt tags automatically for every page in your store with the click of a button.You can also optimize your product image without compromising on quality. This improves page load time and user experience.

Backlink management

You can conduct a mini SEO audit to analyze your backlinks and find the broken ones. Once the scan is complete, Smart SEO lets you fix the dead links by redirecting them to live ones in one click.

How to choose the best SEO app for Shopify

Choosing the best SEO for your Shopify store isn’t just a matter of making your shop rank high. That’s what most tools promise, and they do it well. However, you must consider more differentiators to help you make the best decision. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

When picking your best blog app for Shopify, think about your:

Good UX/UI

Most Shopify SEO apps have a lot to offer, but sometimes their dashboards are designed for developers or SEO pros only. You have a lot on your hands. You don’t need to spend your marketing hours trying to learn how a Shopify SEO app works. Furthermore, you don’t want an SEO tool that slaps you with every SEO feature imaginable. You want a tool that helps you complete your day-to-day SEO work. Some options are feature-rich, but won’t be user-friendly for beginners who just want to optimize their images and generate meta tags.

Ease of scaling

You’ll probably be selling a few products when you start your eCommerce journey on Shopify. So you’ll only need a simple and affordable Shopify SEO app. But as you keep growing, you won’t want to jump from one SEO plugin to another but instead, spend more time onboarding and learning how each tool works. Therefore, consider an option that can scale with you. This means it should have a tiered pricing plan that allows you to upgrade to the next program when more SEO needs arise.

Customer Support

You have a lot of software you use to run your Shopify store. These could be page builders, email marketing tools, and automation tools. So it’s easy to get inundated with the systems around you. Furthermore, SEO is technical, and you don’t have the time for a one-month SEO course.Choose an SEO app with a responsive customer support team who can walk you through the basics and be available anytime you need help. 

Below is a brief breakdown of all the tools compared against each other.

Bloggle SEO Image Optimizer SearchPie Booster SEO Smart SEO
SEO 4.9 4.7 4.6 4.6 4.5
Customer Support 5 4.5 4.8 4.8 4.6
Pricing 4.8 4.4 4.7 4.5 4.9
UI/UX 4.8 4.6 4.7 4.3 4.5
Total score 4.9 4.6 4.7 4.5 4.6

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