How to create multiple blogs in Shopify: step-by-step process

Published on Aug 15, 2022

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

When using Shopify, you shouldn’t think about a blog but of blogs — in the plural. This CMS allows you to create multiple blogs for your e-commerce store, which you can use to categorize your posts.

Create multiple blogs to categorize your posts

Shopify is very specific in the CMS world because it allows you to create not only one but several blogs. You can use this functionality to feature multiple categories of blog articles. For example, you can have one blog called News for updates about your brand and another called Tips & Tricks for how-tos about your products.

If blogging is fully part of your e-commerce strategy, you can go further and create SEO-oriented categories. Let’s take a cosmetics brand as an example: their store could have three blogs called Skincare, Makeup, and Daily Care.

Use tags as categories for your Shopify blog

As an alternative to creating multiple blogs, you can have one unique blog and use tags to filter your posts. Let’s go back to our cosmetics brand example: their unique blog would then be called Blog and they would use Skincare, Makeup, and Daily Care as tags.

Using tags allows you to have one article in multiple categories. However, it forbids you from having your category name in your URL structure, which is less SEO-friendly. Multiple blogs, on the contrary, let you have your category name automatically inside the URL of your blog posts.

Create multiple blogs in Shopify: step-by-step process

Rename your default blog as your first category

To rename your default blog, go to your Shopify admin dashboard at and follow these steps:

  • In the left side menu, click Online store then Blog posts
Rename default blog - Step 1
Rename default blog - Step 2
  • Click on the default blog called News
Rename default blog - Step 3
  • Fill in the Title section with the name of your first category (e.g. Skincare)
Rename default blog - Step 4
  • Click Save
Rename default blog - Step 5

Create new blogs for additional categories

To create the next categories, follow these steps:

  • In the left side menu, click Online store then Blog posts
Create new blogs - Step 1
  • Click Manage blog
Create new blogs - Step 2
  • Click Add blog
Create new blogs - Step 3
  • Fill in the Title section with the name of your second category (e.g. Makeup)
Create new blogs - Step 4
  • Click Save
Create new blogs - Step 5

Repeat this process for each new category.

Place an article inside a specific blog

  • Go to your blog post. In the Organization section, under Blog, select the desired category.
Place an article inside a blog

Once you have created multiple categories through blogs, don’t forget to make them available to your store viewers. You can have a link to them in your navigation menu and have a dedicated page called Blog with links to each category.

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