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Julien Mamalian

After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle.

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How To Get Shopify Blog RSS Feed: Everything You Need To Know

Published on Nov 07, 2023


Updated on Mar 29, 2024


"The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing," quips Tom Fishburne. If you're a Shopify store owner with a blog, you might wonder how to make your marketing seamless and effective. Enter the RSS feed. This powerful tool can elevate your Shopify blog template from a mere webpage to an ongoing conversation with your audience. In this guide, we'll unravel how an RSS feed boosts SEO, drives consistent traffic, and aids in automated marketing.

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What is an RSS feed, and why is it important for my business blog?

Understanding Blog RSS Feed Basics

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it's aptly named. It is structured (XML) text with basic formatting. It's a tool that compiles all updates from your favorite websites, including your Shopify blog articles, into one easy-to-read format. Think of it as your personal news blogger, only it's tailored exclusively to your interests.

RSS Feed vs Traditional Subscription Methods

Email newsletters might still be the go-to for many, but they come with their set of limitations—spam filters, cluttered inboxes, and the like. RSS feeds sidestep these issues. They deliver your Shopify blog's latest posts directly to your audience's chosen platform, be it a feed reader or a custom app.

Benefits for SEO

An RSS feed can be a silent champion for your SEO efforts. Each time you update your Shopify blog, the feed notifies search engine bots to crawl and index your new content. This timely indexing can improve your blog's search engine rankings, making your posts more visible and accessible.

Driving Consistent Traffic

RSS feeds are a traffic channel that keeps giving. With an RSS feed, every new post you publish becomes a beacon, drawing your audience back to your Shopify blog. It's like setting up recurring appointments with your readers, but without the hassle of scheduling.

Automated Marketing Benefits

Automating your Shopify RSS feed can amplify your marketing strategies. You can integrate the feed into social media platforms and email campaigns, turning your blog into a multi-channel content distributor. RSS feed provides something for all your marketing channels.

A step-by-step guide to get an RSS Feed to your Shopify Blog

Shopify has a native feature that automatically produces an RSS feed for every new blog that you create on the Shopify website, so customers can subscribe to it and receive notifications when you publish a new post. Customers who want to subscribe to your blog can paste the feed URL into a feed reader (like Feedly). Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Go to ‘Online Store > Blog posts’ and click on ‘Manage blogs’

Step 2

Select the blog for which you want to create an RSS feed

Step 3

Copy the ‘article-handle’ part of your blog URL

Step 4

Paste the following URL into an RSS feed tool (like Feedly) - https://<your domain>/blogs/<article-handle>

Step 5

Save and voila! Readers can now follow your blog and stay updated whenever you publish something new


For an ecommerce store owner who wants to focus on optimization of their blog, an RSS feed is a tool that can genuinely amplify your reach and make your life easier. From boosting your SEO to making your marketing efforts more efficient, the benefits are clear. If you're serious about your Shopify app or online store, an RSS feed should be on your radar.


1. Does Shopify Blog have an RSS feed?

Absolutely. Shopify automatically sets up an RSS feed for your blog. You just need to know where to find it, which is usually at the end of your blog URL, followed by "/blogs/article-handle.atom."

2. How do I add an RSS feed to Shopify?

It's simpler than you might think. Your Shopify admin panel will have the feed URL, and there are multiple ways to plug that into other platforms or apps you might be using.

3. Should my blog have an RSS feed?

If you want to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more, then yes. An RSS feed is an effective way to make that happen, without requiring your audience to jump through hoops.

4. Is it too technical to plugin or embed RSS feed functionality into my Shopify/Wordpress blog? Does it require HTML coding or APIs or widget coding?

Absolutely not, you do not need to add or edit code. You can read the guide above or refer to many YouTube channels.

Julien Mamalian

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After an exciting 5 years of designing and optimizing Shopify sites for well-known French startups, I launched Bloggle. Our mission? To assist merchants worldwide in crafting compelling articles that rank high in SEO and truly engage their audience. In just 3 years, over 2,000 clients have trusted us, publishing more than 55,000 articles through Bloggle. Thanks to them, I’ve learned the keys to success and the pitfalls to avoid

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