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Roposo Clout Dropshipping - [2023 Review]

by Roposo Clout

Sell winning products across India. Free Shipping & COD.

5.0 of 5 ⭐️

Roposo clout is a new Dropshipping platform (from Roposo, the first Indian short-video app to have crossed the 10 crore user mark on Google Play Store) which is collaborating with ecommerce player Shopify. The aim? To help 10,000 entrepreneurs set up online stores over the next two years, supporting them with product sourcing, order fulfilment and payments.

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The Complete Roposo Clout Review

If you want to get started in digital entrepreneurship, this application is for you : Roposo Clout is the India's LargestPlatform for dropshippers. It’s a perfect tool to help entrepreneurs to set up online stores.

In practical terms, Roposo’s ecosystem offers entrepreneurs, creators, drop-shippers, influencers, the opportunity of operating without the need for inventory maintenance or manufacturing.

Roposo Clout is a perfect solution to streamline the management of online businesses. With Shopify, they can create their own online stores and can then integrate the Roposo Clout plugin into their Shopify profile to start selling and generating revenue.

The Roposo senior vice president, Mansi Jain testifies : “A software engineer who was previously at a technology startup is now a drop shipper, Jain said. “He is undertaking almost 1,500 transactions per day on the platform and gets five million annual turnover. Dropshipping is a business model that allows one to sell products online without having to own or operate the physical location where those products are stored and processed. This means this person can start an ecommerce store and sell a wide range of products without handling inventory and fulfilment.”

Bharati Balakrishnan, country head and director of Shopify India and SEA, adds : ““Our mission is to simplify the operations and management of digital retail businesses. The collaboration between Shopify and Roposo Clout will provide entrepreneurs on the Shopify platform with a comprehensive solution to participate in the high-growth Indian ecommerce and retail store”.

Who recommends this application ?

Roposo and Shopify have teamed up with indian influencer Ritoban Chakrabarti. Through his video series Bizathon, Chakrabarti will demystify the intricacies of drop-shipping, making it more accessible to a broader audience. The partnership between Roposo and Shopify aims to boost the growth of digital entrepreneurship and the dropshipping industry in India.


👉 Scale your own business very quickly : you juste have to set up a merchant store on Shopify, and get the Roposo Clout app

👉 Checkout from 1 lakh+ Roposo Clout products at unbeatable prices

👉 Set up your own retail business and become a leader in Indian ecommerce

👉 Free Shipping & COD accross India

👉 End-to-end plateform, from sourcing to logistics : everything is taken care of

👉 Winning Products across a Wide Range of Categories

👉 Choose Products Across Categories & Import Using Import List

👉 Curated Collections of Handpicked Trendy Styles

👉 Get advice from our experts on the Shopify Roposo Clout Dropshipping application: the Shopify app ecosystem offer specialized support for merchants who wish to integrate a Shopify app into their business

👉 Identifying and sourcing trending products from global markets

👉 Outsource warehouse and inventory management

👉 Same-day payment processing


Multilingual use: You can use Roposo app in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi & Bengali

Source Trendy Products

Manage Products, Inventory & Orders

Reliable Shipping & Easy Order Tracking

Safely install app on Shopify store

Integration with any Shopify theme

Configurations & setup

Troubleshoot and fix issues


Shopify Roposo Clout Dropshipping app cost


Starts at $24.99/month

Customer experiences

“I have been using this app for sometime now and it has really helps to source product easily and efficiently without thinking too much i can always connect with my account manager and ask him questions to any problems or if i need any guidance he has always helped me out without fail, Thanks for the Vijay Bhai & Roposo for having such great platform and easy access to ecommerce.”

“Great app, it saves a lot of my time and I don't even have to manage inventory. We can push any product to our website with just 1 click using this app, Also my account manager Heena Shaikh is also very helpful. Doesn't matter, if she is Off duty or On duty she is always ready solve our queries, even on weekends.”

Roposo Clout Dropshipping Alternatives

DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping

AfterShip Order Tracking


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