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PageFly on Shopify: Is This Page Builder Worth It? [2024 Review]

Published on Oct 19, 2023

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

PageFly - A Flexible Shopify Page-Builder

What is PageFly?

PageFly is a comprehensive Shopify app designed to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create customized, high-converting pages. Think of it as the craftsman's toolbox for your Shopify store, filled with a plethora of building blocks and elements that enable you to construct pages precisely to your liking. From blog customization to analytics tracking, PageFly offers a balanced blend of functionality and user-friendliness.

Primary Purpose

The primary objective of PageFly is to simplify the process of page creation and customization on Shopify app stores. Whether you're laying out a product description page, looking for a great landing page builder, building a password page or crafting an engaging blog post, PageFly is a Shopify page builder app that aims to give you total control over the look, feel, and performance of your content. It goes beyond mere aesthetics to offer valuable analytical insights, allowing you to optimize your store's revenue streams with data-driven decisions. Its suite of features is designed to nurture every facet of your online storefront.

How to install the Replo app?

You can easily install the app on the Shopify app store.

Who's it for? Who is it NOT for?

Target Audience

PageFly caters primarily to Shopify store owners who are in search of an efficient yet easy-to-use solution for page customization. If you're someone who relishes detailed control over elements like headings, QR codes, and buttons, PageFly is likely your go-to tool. It's especially beneficial for those who have multiple types of pages to manage—be it blog pages, product pages, or homepages. In essence, if you're looking to add a layer of polish to your online store without wading through intricate coding processes, PageFly stands as a worthy candidate.

Who is it NOT for?

However, this app isn't the perfect fit for everyone. Those just dipping their toes into the e-commerce waters may find PageFly's range of features overwhelming. While it offers a free tier, the more advanced features are locked behind a paywall, which could be a financial strain for new or small business owners. Additionally, if you’re keen on A/B testing straight out of the box, you'll have to look elsewhere—PageFly requires third-party integration for such functionalities. And let's not forget those who are loyal to specific themes like Dawn; you'll need to go the extra mile and tweak backend codes to make it compatible.


  • Complete page editor: Offers hundreds of elements for blog customization, which are the building blocks of your pages. Adding elements like paragraphs, headings, QR codes, and buttons is a seamless process thanks to the drag-and-drop editor functionality. Moreover, you can edit the pre-made elements such as slide shows, accordions, tabs, etc. You can also use conversion-oriented elements like a sales countdown timer and add-to-cart buttons to boost conversions.

  • Analytics: PageFly has a beautiful and intuitive dashboard that relays your data and analytics. So you can quickly get an idea of how your page performs with a glimpse. The tool uses cookies to collect data, but you must activate them first. Once done, set PageFly to track revenue, choose a timezone for tracking accuracy, and set up the default length for one session. In addition, PageFly allows you to track significant metrics such as conversion rate, sessions, product views, add to cart, and the number of unique visitors.

  • Versatile Page Types: Accommodates all kinds of pages including but not limited to Collection pages, Product pages, Blog pages, Homepages, and more. It also lets you export your favorite pages from one store and import them to a different one. So, for instance, if you have a cosmetics Shopify store in the UK and want to start another one in Brazil, you can export a page from your UK store and import it to your Brazil store.

  • Prebuilt Templates: Option to start with prebuilt templates or sections. The platform provides 125+ templates that you can easily customize to your liking. With a bit of design skill, you can build an entire store using homepage templates, About Us pages templates, Landing page templates, and blog post templates. 


Shogun offers a 3-tiered pricing:

  1. FREE

Effortless page building tool for everyone

  • All app features
  • 24/7 live chat support

  1. PAY AS YOU GO ($24/ month for 5 seats to $69/month for 50 seats)

Powerful suite for serious store optimization

Everything in Free plan plus:

  • Video call support

  1. UNLIMITED ($99/ month. Or $82.5/month billed annually (Save 16%))

Ultimate package with exclusive services for unlimited seats

Everything in Pay-as-you-go plan plus:

  • Priority support


4.9 / 5

What do real users have to say about it?

Pros & Cons


It has an extensive list of e-commerce integrations and 3rd party elements to help you get more conversions.

PageFly has tools such as social media presence, FOMO effects, and in-page SEO tools that push you to create high-quality content.

It is easy to get started with PageFly. Plus, the drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to construct web pages, blog posts, and product pages, as it doesn’t limit how much you can edit.


It lacks A/B testing features. You need to integrate PageFly with a third party like Google Analytics to conduct split tests for your pages.

PageFly isn’t compatible with specific themes like Dawn (the most popular Free theme). You need to embed additional codes to the backend of your store to make it integrable.

Our Review

User Interface & Experience

When we first logged into PageFly, we found the dashboard refreshingly straightforward. There's no beating around the bush; you're thrown straight into a workspace that encourages you to get things done. But here's the rub: we did experience some lag when adding more complex elements to a page. It's a minor issue, but one that can throw a wrench into a tight workflow.

Customization Capabilities

We had a field day with the customization features. The drag-and-drop is so smooth that it feels like an extension of your thought process. You think it, you drag it, and it's there. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. We noticed that the real meaty customization options are gated behind higher-tier plans, which might not sit well with everyone.

Analytics Dashboard

We spent some time with the analytics dashboard and came away mostly impressed. The metrics are valuable; they offer insights that can genuinely inform your business decisions. But we're puzzled about one thing: why do we have to activate cookies manually for this feature to work? Seems like a no-brainer for automatic activation to us.

Theme Compatibility

Now, this is where we hit a snag. We tried integrating PageFly with the Dawn theme, and let's just say it wasn't a match made in heaven. We had to get our hands dirty with some backend coding, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. If you're not code-savvy, this could be a stumbling block.

Lack of A/B Testing

We were scratching our heads on this one. An app as robust as PageFly should have native A/B testing. Yes, you can integrate third-party tools, but why should you have to? It's like buying a high-end car and then finding out the air conditioning costs extra.


We took a deep dive into the pricing tiers, and here's the deal: PageFly seems to cater to those who are past the initial stages of setting up a Shopify store. The jump from the free plan to the paid ones is substantial, not just in terms of cost but also the features you unlock. It's not the best news for those who are just getting their feet wet in e-commerce but might be a fair trade for more established stores.

Summing It Up

After spending considerable time with PageFly, we can say it's a strong contender for anyone looking to elevate their Shopify store. But it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. The limitations in theme compatibility and the absence of built-in A/B testing are genuine issues. The pricing model leans towards those with a bit more skin in the game, potentially alienating newcomers. Despite these drawbacks, if you're serious about your Shopify venture, PageFly might just be the tool to take you to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Having extensively gone through the app and using it for a while now, we have some clear takeaways for you. If you are someone who has moved past the beginner stage in Shopify and are now willing to consider an app with deeper customisation and analytics, you could certainly turn to PageFly. It has loads of features and is incredibly user-friendly. But it is not without its limitations. The app doesn't offer A/B testing right off the bat, and if you're using certain themes, be ready to roll up your sleeves and deal with some coding. Also, if you're just starting out or you're tight on funds, then you might want to think twice. The pricing structure and the complexity could be barriers.

So what's our final say on PageFly? It's a capable tool. If you find that its limitations aren't deal-breakers for you, or better yet, if they don’t apply to you, then we'd say definitely go for it. We hope you now have enough to make an informed decision.


Is there a step-by-step tutorial on the PageFly app for Shopify merchants?

Yes, extensive tutorials are available about the PageFly page builder app here

How is the customer support on PageFly?

They have a great support team that is available 24/7, according to their website. You can get more details here

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