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Retextion Subscriptions

by Retextion Inc.

Subscription, replenishment, and retention

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If you're looking to easily enable subscriptions and reduce churn, Retextion is the perfect solution. Our platform makes it easy to migrate from any other system, and our ExperienceEngine powers A/B testing across the entire subscription lifecycle. This makes it easy to manage your customers and reduce churn.




👉 Turn subscription into a performance channel with unique feature sets available nowhere else.

👉 Customer portal design : you can easily manage without spending thousands on development and swap products within their bundles and change things up each order cycle.

👉 Create sophisticated subscription targereted offers that are easy to set up :

If you have a new product, you can test it with many customers and monitor the acceptance rate at different discount levels.

👉 Tools : bundle builder, workflows, calendar plans.

👉 Seamless branded customer communication easier to manage than ever.

👉 Drag and drop builder for transactional emails.

👉 SMS chatbot for subscription management :

Go beyond lifecycle management and test the core of your subscription program like initial discount, shipping. Customer Conversations

👉 View all conversations customers have had with your subscription chatbot.

👉 Boost one of a kind experience engine to deploy a/b test cross sells, gifts with purchase, limited time offers :

👉 Configure your promotion or offer in 30 seconds, deploy automatically you offer via dynamic content bloc, track the results via automated a/b testing :

Test different products as upsells or the same product with different discount amounts to see what the most successful offer is. Each experience gets detailed reporting on the cohorts LTV, take rate, and retention rate. 

👉 Cut down churn using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning optimized churn reduction tools.

👉 Use reporting and analytics suite to drill down on the KPIs that matter.

👉 Boost upsells and conversions rates

👉 Ad free gifts on the second order for retention

👉 Test different discount types for add-on products

👉 Boost subscriber AOV

Run evergreen promotions across cohorts to cross-sell subscribers into ancillary product categories or upsell one-off items to increase AOV.

👉 Acquisition Strategy

The team behind Stay Ai has deployed $500m+ in ad spend to acquire hundreds of thousands of subscribers for 300+ leading brands ans help you to optimize your funnels to acquire more subscribers.

Meet the customers of Stay Ai app :


Founded by tennis superstar Venus Williams, their lineup of superfood powders and protein shakes is rooted in what powered her rise to the top of tennis.

Goal -> Migrate their Subscription Program

Solution -> The Stay Ai team implemented custom subscription purchase boxes on the Happy Viking website and created a fully branded portal for Happy Viking. Then it was time to migrate all subscribers, which took just under 3 hours. The Stay Ai team also wrote a script to consolidate all subscriptions so that if someone had multiple subscriptions, they would all register as one larger subscription under a single subscriber, making it easier for the Happy Viking team to analyse and manage.


Aura Bora is one of the fastest growing companies in the food & bev space, with a diehard fan base that loves their sparkling water infused with herbs, flowers, and unheard-of flavor combinations.

Goal -> Boosting Revenue with Two-Click Subscription Add Ons

Solution -> For its latest LTO, Aura Bora sent a special email to subscribers with a GIF showing them how to easily add a 12-pack to their next subscription box. As a result, many subscribers easily added it to their next order, increasing the brand's revenue and building subscriber loyalty.


Protein bars online store.

Goal -> Improving the look of shopping boxes, to communicate the value props of your subscription offering alongside the one-time order option.

Solution -> The look and feel of the boxes is seamless while also strategically communicating the key value props of the bar-maker’s subscription offering: “Cancel, pause or switch up your subscription any time. No yearly commitments.”

Other users of this app : Vita Coco, Dose, Mad Rabbit, Sound, Surely, Pur for men


  • Shopify Integrated

Activate the right subscription offerings utilizing Shopify’s on app store checkout for easy enablement and a unified experience.

  • Good customer support

  • Simple Login Options

Use passwordless login to send your customers a 4-digit code via email or SMS

Testimonies :

“Fantastic customer support and really well designed features. Having used several subscription apps (Smartrrr, Recharge, etc) this is my favorite because of the marketing tools. It does all the things you would expect but makes it really easy to increase LTV and even A/B test different campaigns. I have recommended it to several other Shopify stores.”

“Retextion makes subscription management so easy, for both our customers and team. It's intuitive, offers in depth analytics, and the team provides truly unparalleled support throughout the migration process and beyond. They are consistently working on new features and improvements. Highly recommend!”

Pricings :

$499 per month

1% + $.19 per transaction

Works with :

Shopify app, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Peel, RetentionEngine, Churn Buster, Wonderment

Alternatives to Stay.ai :

Sage Intacct



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