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The Problem

Does this look like a blog you want to read or buy from?

Shopify gives you no control over the look and feel of your blog and you can’t promote your products.

Your design is limited

Plain wall of text

High bounce rate

You Can’t Personalize It To Match Your Brand

Less brand awareness

Fewer sales

The Solution

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Easily Migrate Your Old Blog Posts

Migrate your blog from Shopify with just a few clicks. Easily edit, design, and preview every blog post before uploading.

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Bloggle backs up your Shopify blog data for 30 days after migration, so you can switch back to Shopify’s native editor anytime.

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Personalize Bloggle For Your Brand

Bloggle Won't Break
Your Store’s Code

Bloggle doesn’t change your Shopify store’s base code files, unlike other landing page builders that overwrite it. This means Bloggle can’t ever break your store’s code.

Step 3

Add Products To Your Blog
& Make More Sales

Add products to articles in seconds. Choose the format that works best for your blog.
All product info stays up-to-date automatically.

Single Products

Embed a single product in articles & choose the info you want to display.

Grid view

Display products with their information. Select the number of columns and rows.

Gallery View

Hover over products to reveal more info about them.

Text + Product

Track the products that your visitors view and make them appear in articles.

Shopify's native blog support is incredibly weak. Enter Bloggle's system which is 10x better! Some massive features are the real-time SEO analytics that help you boost your results by advising you. I've already been seeing great results and Google eats it up!

Sean Hyot - Photographer

Step 4

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Bloggle boosts your site’s speed and improves visitor experience with stunning visuals. This is one of the biggest ranking factors for Google. Get metadata, keywords, and more SEO suggestions.

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This Is Why 2000+ Shopify Merchants Love Bloggle

Bloggle really helped us improve the style of our blogs, plus the ability to easily display products is a huge win. The support is great as well. I'm excited to dig into their SEO optimization tools.

Eight Saints

The app is just AMAZING! Everything I ever wanted for our blog and SEO is here... and their support team is just ANOTHER LEVEL!
Excellent tool to make your blog very clean, eye-appealing, and 100% SEO oriented.


Finally a way to create beautiful blog posts for our Shopify site! I've been having a great experience using Bloggle, and their customer support and Julien have been very reliable, fast, and overall wonderful!


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Finally  get the personalized Shopify blog your brand deserves

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