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Show All Blogs in Shopify: The Practical Guide for Store Owners [2024]

Published on Jan 04, 2024


Updated on Feb 08, 2024

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle


If you have ever found yourself wondering how to display all your insightful blogs on your Shopify store, you're not alone. Your blog has a lot of useful information that hits the mark with the audience. But sometimes, the tech side of things can feel cumbersome.

Today, we have some good news. Whether you're a coding pro or someone who gets dizzy at the mere mention of HTML or metafields, we've got you covered. This guide will teach you how to showcase all your blogs on Shopify through a step-by-step tutorial.

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How to show all blogs in Shopify?

Method 1 - Coding in Liquid

There is no straightforward solution here. You will have to edit code in Liquid which means changing your Shopify theme code.

Note: Changing the Liquid code may disqualify your theme from future updates by the theme developer. Anything you add will require manual migration to a different theme. There’s also a chance that your custom page code might not be compatible with your new theme. Proceed only if you know what you are doing and are proficient in changing template functionality.

Before making changes to any theme, it’s always good to ‘Duplicate’ the theme. You can do this by going to ‘Online Store > Themes’. Click on the 3-dots menu of the theme you want to modify and click on ‘Duplicate’

On the 3-dots menu of your duplicated theme, click on ‘Edit code’

Duplicate page.template.liquid. Give it some different name like page-allblogs.template.liquid.

Then, navigate to Pages within the Shopify admin to create a new page, selecting the template you create.

Refer to this tutorial for the exact code.

If you have multiple blogs on your Shopify Store (like News, Recipes, Tutorials, etc), just replace Blog1, Blog2 (blog handles) in the tutorial code with the comma-separated names of your blogs. 

Corre­spond­ingly replace each instance of Blog1 and Blog2. If you have more than two blogs, you can include additional {%- elsif article.url contains "/blog3/" -%} preceding the final {% endif %} condition on line 22. Make a note that Blog1 is the case-sensitive blog title (with spaces), whereas /blog1/ is “handle-ized” (lowercase with hyphens for spaces).

Note: By default, Shopify limits the number of blogs displayed to 50. If you want to increase the number of blogs displayed at a time, you can try it using the ‘paginate’ tag:


{%- assign articles_per_page = 12 -%}

{% paginate blogs.recipes.articles by articles_per_page %}

{% for article in blog.articles %}

  <a href="{{ article.url }}">

  <div class="flex__direction--column">

    <img src="{{ article.image.src | img_url: '1000x'}}">

    <div> {{ article.title }} </div>

    <a href="{{ article.url }}" class="body__text--small">

      Read the article




{% endfor %}

{% endpaginate %}

Method 2 - Using Tags

Another method to display all your Shopify blogs on a single page is using tags. For instance, you can add a ‘allblogs’ or ‘allposts’ tag to every blog on your Shopify store. If a reader wants to see all blogs on one page, s/he can simply search ‘all-blogs’ or ‘all-posts’ in the search bar (or click on the ‘all-blogs’ or ‘all-posts’ filter if that section is available on your Shopify theme). This way, all blog posts with the ‘all-blogs’ tag will be displayed in one view in your Shopify blog template. Mind you, this is a workaround but a quick fix within the constraints of the Shopify admin functionality.


We've just walked through the ins and outs of showcasing all your blogs on your ecommerce store. You are now equipped to decide whether you want to code your way to display all blog articles or use tags to display all your blog pages on Shopify. Use this guide to make your blog better, both in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and saving time for the users.


Is there a Shopify app that shows all my blogs on a single page?

Unfortunately, there is no app that does this directly. All Shopify allows is displaying specific blog through search or a single blog category on a single page without pagination.

Julien Mamalian

CEO, Bloggle

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