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Best Shopify Apps to help you grow your store in 2023

There are a number of great Shopify apps out there that can help you to grow your store in 2023. Some of the best apps include Shopify Checkout, Shopify Custom Shopping, Shopify Shopping Cart, and Shopify Shopping Feed. These apps can help you to improve your store's conversion rate, increase customer satisfaction, and make it easier for you to manage your store.


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How to choose the best apps for your store?

Impressed with Shopify apps, features and products, but unsure where to start?! Need the best shopify apps for personalization and the best apps to use for shopify? Discover the best shopify apps 2023.

Understanding the Shopify ecosystem

Welcome aboard the Shopify ecosystem! It has been a long journey for Shopify’s founders, and it will be for you and your store! But have no fear, Bloggle team is here, to explain all! Now for some key figures.

1.      Shopify is home to 6,000 apps and 2.3 billion active websites

2.      Shopify already enjoys 20% ecommerce market share

3.      Shopify is the third-largest online retailer in the world’s largest economy, the United States – after Amazon and eBay

4.      The average Shopify store conversion rate is 1.4%

What makes Shopify so successful? Its customer loyalty is down to its ecosystem model. It operates as a community of merchants – 1.7 million of them to be exact! Shopify offers the ‘Tesla’ of ecommerce, constantly developing its technologies and advancing with new apps, new plans, new offers and new customers! Its ecosystem comprises two key components.

First, the Shopify Partner Program, connecting small teams to international agencies and merchants to customers, whether they’re app developers, designers or content creators. Second, the Shopify App Store, cataloging thousands of apps and linking independent freelancers to large-scale development companies. Together, these essential ingredients produce the perfect recipe for your store’s tech stack!

Identifying the best shopify apps

It’s common market knowledge that merchants install and use six Shopify apps on average. At Bloggle, we have compiled detailed rankings of the best apps to use for shopify and specific data about each app (pricing, free app, features, plan etc.). After painstaking research, we consider our categorizations to deliver top free and paid store features for any customer.

No stress; we’ve got you covered! Whatever your top priority – whether it’s shipping, inventory management, social (Facebook, Instagram feed, Twitter, Pinterest), content (Seo, Store design, Translation), order (Abandoned cart app, Add to cart, Also bought, cart, Checkout, Order notification), shopping (Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping), marketing (Marketplace, Newsletter app, Live Chat, Chatbot) or even data and analytics (Cookie, Analytics, Google Analytics) figures (Accounting app) or time (Appointment booking, Calendar, Calendly), Bloggle’s best shopify apps for personalization will cater to your every need! So, why waste any time? Browse for yourself!

Why your company needs the best shopify apps?

It’s one thing joining the Shopify community, but that won’t generate the results you need to jump the Google rankings and ultimately increase the sales of your product or service. To achieve this, the key to good business is to match your plans to the specific features of the best shopify apps 2023. Again, no need to panic! We recommend the best shopify apps on the market to help you make the good choice.

Below, you will find some example of tops you can find on this page.

Elevate your email marketing

A powerful tool in today’s world of ecommerce is email and sms marketing. Some of the best shopify apps for beginners create pre-built and custom templates, which offers the perfect all-purpose solution for engaging email and sms, regardless of audience size. Now you can rest assured that no customer goes unnoticed !

Spotlight your video content

For 54% of social media marketers, video is a must-have product! The statistics don’t lie; people and customers spend around 16 hours a week watching videos, the go-to format for most audiences, irrespective of age and background. Leverage our Instagram feed best shopify apps for custom products. It helps to create your Instagram features. After all, in 2022, Instagram is key to develop the visibility of your products !

Streamline your shipping

Remember, good business in 2023 isn’t just Facebook engagement or Instagram reach. It also involves how to manage your stock and physical operations at the right pricing, i.e., easy shipping! Start your days with peace of mind and fast track your order fulfilment in real time with one of our best shipping apps to use for shopify.

Monitor your sales

In 2023, we often take them for granted, but did you know chatbots can level up your customer support, accelerate lead generation, and rescue an abandoned cart?! Like it or lump it, live chat features will improve your reviews and bolster your rewards. With their online chatbot builders and chat widget customization, they’re the missing piece in your best shopify apps for personalization jigsaw.

Perfect your SEO content

Since the pandemic, the best shopify apps have closed the gap in the ecommerce store market. While paid ecommerce store apps are trending up, most offers lack the social side of SEO optimized blogs. Instead of displaying a basic, bulleted product description, customers need to create and shape personalized stories around their product or products. With a store and/or marketing blog you add to customer loyalty and reviews and a referral is enhanced by design-responsive and custom-made SEO content.

Bloggle customers themselves can testify to the rewards of our solution, available on 10-day free trial plans for the price of just $24.90 per month. So, why not discover our portfolio and plan today?! We’re proud to own one of the best shopify apps for personalization, engineered through our code-free, time-saving platform that recycles all your company templates, seamlessly connects to video hosting platforms and offers full use of recognized Shopify translation apps! What’s not to like, folks?!

Conclusion: How to easily choose between apps?

At Bloggle, our conviction is that every company is different, their website and content unique. There’s never any one-size-fits-all approach to categorizing the best apps to use for shopify. However, we’re no strangers to the importance of multi-purpose features for your business. Here are our top five tips for deciding your best shopify apps:

1) Create beautifully written and purposeful content through a blog. You can use shopify blog app to do it

2) Concentrate efforts on a video content program.

3) Guarantee fast customer service and lead capture.

4) Last but not least, craft your site SEO optimization and search engine ranking to boost your product reviews and referrals.

Additionally, leading developers, designers and creators will always consider the following questions for choosing the best shopify apps:

  · How easy is it to use with other Shopify app integrations?

  · Is the app user friendly (good dashboard, not time to learn…)?  

  · Is the pricing plan free or at least competitive (with a free trial or not)?

  · Does the app help saving time?

  · Does the app help to monetize my store?

Finally  get the personalized Shopify blog your brand deserves

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