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Simprosys Google Shopping Feed

by Simprosys InfoMedia

Feed for Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram & Microsoft Ads

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Simprosys provides a quality product feed for Google, Microsoft (Bing), Facebook (Meta), and Instagram. This allows you to advertise your products like never before!Instant Syncing of Products: Automatically sync all the newly added products and updates from your Online store in under 20 mins including Price, GTIN, Brand, MPN, etc..Smart Shopping & PMax Campaign: Create & manage Microsoft Smart Shopping Campaigns and Google Performance Max (PMax) Campaigns. Set up Tracking Tags for your store as well.


Starts at $24.99/month

FEATURES : bulk editing and tracking tags

👉 Automize & enhance your product data feed submission and optimization for your Shopify store on various Marketing destinations (Shopping or Facebook Ads for example)

👉 Our App Supports the highest number of attributes for almost all the Marketing Destinations and Sales channels.

👉 Use our Conversion Tracking Tags to track your marketing campaign performance.

👉 Set up a new Smart shopping campaign within the app store.

👉 Supports Shopify Market with Multi-language, Multi-currency & Top-level Domains.

👉 Use robust filtering and bulk edits to resolve errors and assign values to important attributes.

👉 Create Promotions Feed. Support Category-specific Recommended Attributes for Facebook.

👉 Google's Delivery Speed Estimates & Automated Discounts.

👉 Google Shopping Feed and Facebook Product Catalog (Instagram) submission

👉 Ads on Google Facebook Shop and Commerce Manager Product Catalog for Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook Instagram Shop Shopping Ads on Bing (Microsoft)

PRO : optimization and google orders

Response in campaign management needs via an plugin’s automated API (Almost real-time sync).

Titles and Description via SEO Plugins.

Automated Rules to assign Age Group, Gender, Custom Labels.

Integration Type : Google Merchant Center, Google Ads Account, FB Business Manager, Microsoft Ads, Google My Business, Meta Business Suite.

Create and manage Google Ads Performance Max (PMax Campaigns) and Microsoft Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Enable users to set tracking tags with precision.

CONS : any support in french

Sometimes, an error occurs with the product syncing feature.

This developer does not offer direct support in french.

Monthly Price (USD)

Up to 500 Products -> $4.99/month

501-1000 Products -> $8.99/month

1001-5000 Products -> $13.99/month

5001-10000 Product -> $17.99/month

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Elite Partner

Meta Business

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“One of the best things about Simprosys is how customizable it is. You can tailor your product feed to meet your specific needs, like setting up custom labels and selecting which products to include. It's like having your own personal stylist for your product feed, making sure everything looks just right.

And if you're like me and need a little encouragement to get things done, Simprosys offers powerful analytics tools that will make you feel like a marketing genius. You can track your ad performance and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI, all while feeling like a total boss.”

“Simprosys is by far the best Google Shopping Feed App I've seen. The entire process, right from managing and setting up the feeds for Google Merchant Center was seamless. The Bulk Edit feature is a powerhouse that will save you multiple hours of manual frustration! We highly recommend this app for anyone looking to setup google shopping feed with ease and run those ad campaigns!”

“This Google Shopping Feed plugin is really easy to use and allows me to easily import my store's product listings into the Google Shopping Ads platform so that more potential customers can see my products. It was very easy to install and set up, and I didn't encounter any problems. In addition to that, this plugin also provides a real-time sync feature to keep my product information always up-to-date. Overall, this plugin is a very useful tool for merchants who want to promote their products on Google Shopping, and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

“The app itself is much more user friendly than the official Google Merchant app and makes managing Merchant Center much easier. You can easily configure and amend product data, so that your shopping campaigns perform well.”

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