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Search Me: SEO Booster & Speed

by Secomapp

24/7 Trusted SEO Booster: Image, Sitemap, AMP, Schema, Speed

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If you want to optimize your website for Google and improve your SEO ranking, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure your images, meta tags, URLs, schema, and keywords are all optimized according to Google's recommendations. Second, scan your website daily for any SEO issues and make sure they are all fixed. Finally, speed up your site loading time to improve your SEO and your customer experience.


Free plan available (limited features)


👉 Stay on top of all SEO issues with up-to-date reports. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of getting pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google. As search is one of the main ways people discover content online, higher search engine rankings can lead to increased traffic to a website e commerce.

👉 Bulk update meta titles, meta descriptions and alt tags -> One-click setup One-click setup : an easy-to-use SEO app. 

👉Speed up loading time with Instant Page, AMP, bulk image compression and resize (image alt)

👉 Build site trust by automatically checking and crawling 404 URLs

👉 Improve website readability for Google with Auto Rich Snippets JSON-LD

👉 24/7 support: A team of professionals based in the USA will help you improve your live ranking.

👉 Stay on top of all SEO issues with regular reports.

👉 Increase site credibility with automated detection and navigation of long & 404 URLs

👉 Add Swift Plug In SEO : Optimize your page loading and improve your speed in a few clicks

👉 SEO Tools : On-page seo or on-site optimisation are techniques designed to improve the quality of the content on a web page. There are a number of elements to improve, starting with your keyword strategy. For example : Title tag - Meta tags (Meta description, robots, keywords) - Semantic tagging - Page content Internal links.

👉 Seobooster info : Organic traffic - Direct traffic - Social media traffic - Other traffic (email signatures, newsletters, etc.)

👉 Create a pop-up, SMS and email marketing management tool, cookie banners discount code generators.


Anyone can become a real SEO manager thanks to this app

No coding required

Step-by-step guidance

Real-time support available to boost your SEO confidence day by day

A Google SEO tool for life : latest feature updates to cover all web elements, ensuring your text, links, SEO image optimizer and site speed are all Google compatible.

Save time with alerts and automatic tuning : smart SEO detects and notifies you when all processes are complete

Increase organic traffic and conversion rates

Easy to find on your app store

Detailed SEO analysis on your product pages with problem reports and improvement solutions

Integration Type : Judge.me, Growave, Weglot, Facebook, Google

SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed Pricing

High quality services often come at a cost. This SEO app offers a free forever plan and also 3 days trial with paid plans starting from $39 per month. The higher the plan, the more premium SEO features you can enjoy, which help speed up updating by Google bots, and help Google prioritise your site in search results.

Starter Plan (Free plan) -> SEO Report, SEO Tags Bulk Update, Basic Speed Up, Sitemap Submission, Live chat 24/7

Premium Plan ($39/month) ->Starter features, Broken Links Autopilot, Google search console, auto update sitemap, and JSON-LD.

Enterprise Plan ($79/month) -> Premium features, long URL handles, keyword analytics, accelerated mobile pages, advanced snippets, Customized Expert.

Customer experiences and product reviews

Customer experiences and product reviews

“This App is very good and has excellent customer service!! Anne and a number of other representatives were always there to help me understand things I was clueless about. They were patient and explained everything. When one got busy another was there to pick up where the first one left off.
 I was on the free section yet they treated me like I paid for the enterprise section. Wish I could afford enterprise which is why I left. Not because of the app but because of my own expenses.”

“So glad I found this app ! I am on the free basic plan with search pie. There were issues with irrelevant sitelinks that google search was pulling up under the main site. I researched a lot on how to remove those random links and had resubmitted sitemap twice to google, but the issues were persisting - I was not able to figure it out what I had to do to fix it. I reached out to searchpie helpdesk, where Flora and Jason figured it all out for me and suggested a course of action with detailed yet simple to follow instructions. So thankful for their help, I want to give more than 5 stars”

Search Me: SEO Booster & Speed Alternatives

What best shopify seo apps can I use to complement search pie ?

  • Avada SEO suite : SEO optimisation tool for Shopify apps that improves the loading speed of a website.

  • Plug in Speed Optimizer : This application is an asset for Shopify store owners who want to improve the speed of their site. It optimises your site's JS/CSS code and compresses your images.

  • Smart SEO may be the application for you if you want a plugin that focuses on automation. It is a solution for instantly generating meta tags, alt tags and JSON-LD structured data. You juste have to choose a template and Smart SEO will do the rest.

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