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Elegant & shoppable Official Instagram feeds that bring sales

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Instafeed is a great way to create social proof for your store. By displaying your Instagram content on your store, you can convert your store visitors into customers. Additionally, Instafeed can help you expand the reach of your Instagram content to your store visitors. This can help you get more followers and likes. Finally, Instafeed can help you keep your store content fresh. By using your Instagram content to automatically drive fresh new content to your store, you can save time and money.


Free plan available (limited features)

Key Features and functionality

👉 Display publications (photos, reels, videos) as a slider layout or slideshow :

You can customize colors of background, text, buttons and more. Choose between 2 post templates (Tile and Classic), between 7 switchable posts elements to show or hide. Personalizable ‘Load more’ button. Switchable date of publication and number of likes and comments. Adjust the speed of slide switch.

👉 Increases Conversion Rate :

The Instagram widget will help you increase website traffic and engagement web pages, as well as increase time spent on the site.

👉 Embedding Instagram feeds into your Shopify store allows visitors to socialise, start conversations and better connect with your brand.

👉View User Generated Content : you can gain the trust of your Shopify store visitors by showing User-generated content (UGC) on your site. The UGC can include anything from customer photos, comments, and use case photos to customer testimonials.

👉 By integrating an Instagram feed into your Shopify shop, you add appeal to your site. This improves the visitor's overall experience and interaction with the brand, and encourages them to convert.

👉 Integration of IGTV (Video Instagram) :

A mobile video with a new standalone surface that enables longer videos and facilitates discovery via a variety of channels, all in a vertical format that fits in your hand.

👉Ability to create social proof by showing your Instagram content on your store :

Instagram posts increase social proof for products & services drive actions with peer reviews and feedback. Most people see Instagram content as original, which is essential in boosting the authority of your Shopify store.

👉 Feature more products in product page galleries to sell more.

👉 Link Instagram posts to Instagram account.

👉 Open Instagram posts on pop-up.

👉 Customised rows and columns for mobile.

👉 Tag products on posts - create shopabble Instagram feeds :

Use product tags in your feed publications to allow users to browse, discover and buy your products without leaving the application.

👉 Filter your posts by hashtags.

👉 You can remove the unusable content from your feed to improve its quality.

👉 Branding : Add your custom content to the feed, add sponsored posts, full-screen announcements, etc. 

👉 Attract your audience visually with instagram images carousel

👉 Saves time by displaying your Instagram content in less than one minute.

👉Shows Reels, filters posts using hashtags, and custom number of rows and columns for mobile.

👉 Collaborate with creators

👉 You can now select your method for collecting an Instagram feed from the options available, which include.

  • Instagram Business Account

  • Instagram Hashtag (#)

  • Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Handle (@)

  • Instagram IGTV

  • Instagram Reels

  • Instagram Tagged

  • Instagram Mentions

  • Instagram shopping

  • Instagram photos

👉 You can add your Instagram feed to Shopify in the following places :

  • Homepage

  • Dedicated Instagram gallery

  • About Us/ Our Story Page

  • Checkout Page

How to embed Instagram Feed for free on Shopify website ?

  1. To embed Instagram Feed on Shopify, add Free Tagembed Instagram Widget Shopify App on your store.

  2. Create a business account on Instagram and collect feeds from Instagram with hashtags, mention, reels, stories, IGTV, tags, handle.

  3. Personalize feeds based on exclusive themes & layouts, banner, CTA : capitalize on the Instagram free widget by modifying its style. Determine the selected specifications of the plugin and save all the modifications

  4. Use Moderation to filter out selected quality feeds

  5. After personalizing your Instagram Feed for free, copy the unique embed code and paste it into your Shopify store’s HTML where you envision the feed to be displayed.

  6. Finally, Add Instagram feeds on Shopify store in one click


Minimalistic and elegant design that elevates the customer journey experience.

Does not collect data which helps in ensuring your customer’s privacy.

No coding skills required.

Instafeed is compatible with all Shopify themes and doesn’t impact site speed.

Does not slow your page down with heavy codes. 


No " Follow Us On Instagram" button on the top of the appli.

Monthly prices (USD)

Free plan : Video support, grid or slideshow, automatically optimised layout, available on all devices and themes

Pro plan - $5.99/month : All in Free, identify products, reels, profile picture, Likes, Subscribers, up to 3 different feeds, 3-day trial

Plus plan - 17.99/month : All in Free and Pro, automatic product feeds, unlimited feeds, filter your posts by hashtags, 3-day trial

Meet the customers of Instagram feed app :

Which companies use simprosys google shopping feed ? Some success stories from leading Ecommerce brands :


  • Founded in 2018 by a trio of Yale students, Verb Energy offers 90-calorie energy bars with as much caffeine as an espresso.

  • Goal -> Verb Energy wanted to run a new, more efficient Instagram ad campaign to reach new audiences, boost awareness of its brand, acquire new customers and increase sales.

  • Results -> an Instagram ad campaign to boost awareness and consideration, and saw 5.3-point higher standard brand awareness when running new video ads with mobile-first creative versus photo ads with motionless creative.

  • Testimonial -> “We wanted to challenge what we do creatively and reach customers in ways we haven’t before—the “Flip Your Mood” campaign did just that. Our creative was truly elevated and was specifically designed for the platform and was mobile-first. We kept saying, ‘Wow, we actually have commercial-level quality pieces of creative that are built for Instagram.’ It was incredible.” Jessica McGlory, Head Of Growth, Verb Energy

Case Study

CLUSE, a traditional watch brand born in Amsterdam. CLUSE aimed to pay tribute to their customers and increase engagement by including social media content on their site. The brand has included a hashtag campaign, and their consumers can interact with.

CLUSE encouraged their customers to share photos and videos of their watches with the hashtag #CLUSE and #CLUSEwatches on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The content of the hashtags is displayed as a carousel on the site's product pages. Each photo or video is linked to the product page of the featured watch, as well as to the social media page of the user who shared it.


“Easy setup! The custom html option is a nice addition for extra customization. I had a problem trying to make some changes and reached out to Mintt via email. I received a quick response and was able to get assistance executing the edits I was trying to make.”

“After having trouble to get my Insta-feed displayed on my website in Firefox, I contacted the customer support. Ines responded super fast and gave the right tip. After adding my website to Firefox's Facebook-container everything works great. Thank you so much for both, amazing app and super helpful support!”

Instagram feed shopify alternatives

Tagembed : Free social media aggregator for website. You can easily embed Instagram Feed in slider view, gallery view, grid view, carousel view, curate, filter & embed social feeds from 15+ networks.

Flocker : Unlimited number of widgets and page layouts.

Instagram Feed, Story & TikTok : one app you can count on to boost awareness, expand your reach on Instagram, and get more likes and followers.

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