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AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell


One Click Upsell, Thank You Page, Checkout Upsell, Cross Sell

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AfterSell's One Click Upsell Post Purchase feature allows you to increase your average order value with one click post checkout upsells (OCU) and frequently bought together cross sells!The Storewide Popup Discount feature allows you to offer time sensitive popup discounts after checkout. This creates urgency to entice your customers to opt in to the offer and rebuy.The Boost Sales Instantly feature allows you to reconvert your customers with sweet upsells, personalized recommendations, and storewide discount pop ups to boost profit!


Starts at $24.99/month


👉 Customers can accept offers with one click. No need to re-enter payment information or go through checkout again ! Just one click and the customer has added the offer to their order.

👉 You can customize your thank you page with reviews, FAQs, aftersell offers, testimonials, and cross-selling. It's a good way build stronger customer relationships and generate more revenue.

👉 Shopify Plus customers can modify their checkout page with order bump upsells. Create native widgets to boost AOV and conversion rate.

👉 Run an A/B test to see which aftersell post purchase upsell convert best.

👉 Multi-Product Post Purchase Upsell : The customer can choose their favorite offer out of a list of several. Just one click and the customer has added the offer to their order.

👉 Downsell strategy : Offer your customer a cheaper alternative to a product or service he had rejected.

👉 Capture customer data and make impeccable product recommendations.

👉 Get a Free Expert to set up the funnel.
 👉 Increase the Average Order Value.


Shopify app advanced features.

Customize the experience leading to the checkout page in your store directly from the Shopify admin interface.

Integration Type : Nosto, Loox, Stamped, , ReCharge, and moore...

Prompt customer support

If you have Shopify Plus, you can use AfterSell's checkout editing feature to create Countdown Timers. It'sa godd way to push the customer.


No pre-authorizations for payments.


Monthly Price (USD)

One-month free trial

0-50 orders -> free

  • Up to 50 monthly store orders

  • Post purchase upsells

  • Time sensitive offers

  • Embed text and video

  • Analytics

51-100 orders-> $7.99/month

  • Up to 100 monthly store orders (not orders generated by app)

101-200 orders -> $14.99/month

  • Up to 200 monthly store orders (not orders generated by app)

201-500 ORDERS ->$29.99/month

  • Up to 500 monthly store orders (not orders generated by app)

  • All previous features

  • Over 500+ orders? Please press "See all pricing options"

Customer experiences :

Which companies use ? Some success stories from leading Ecommerce brands :

  • Feastables (Food & Drink) tripled its sales : 80,000 more MrBeast bars in 3 weeks

  • Fresh patch brand (Pets industry) achieved a 14% conversion rate thanks to AfterSell

  • True Classic (Apparel) partners with AfterSell to drive $500k+

Case Study

Collars & Co, apparel industry :
Goal -> A simple yet powerful application for presenting promotional products
Solution -> Use of AfterSell's modules, including the powerful new checkout, as well as the one-click after-purchase upsell and thank-you page offers. A store-wide discount pop-up on the thank you page that only appears when customers return to the page.
Results ->
  • Generates an additional $85,000 each month with AfterSell

  • $60+average upsell value

  • $85,000 in additional monthly revenueGoal -> A simple yet powerful application for presenting promotional products



“Using AfterSell, Collars & Co. generates an additional $85,000 in incremental revenue every month! They use all of the modules on AfterSell including the powerful new checkout extensibility as well as post purchase one click upsells and thank you page offers.”



“The app is extremely powerful and a must have for e-commerce brands. Patti, their support rep was outstanding, and actually helped us configure things. I can't recommend this app, or their support team enough!”

“Great app, decided to get it after I watch some youtube video, their automated funnel system is really good. They have the best post purchase upsell system I've ever seen, more than half of my customers are getting the upsells and it has drastically increased my AOV”

“We use Aftersell to add upsells to every purchase. We've used other apps before but I think Aftersell has the best upsell editor. It's very flexible. Most other upsell apps were very limited in what you could change. With Aftersell, I basically can do whatever I want. The best part of AfterSell is their customer support. They responded quickly and I feel they went above and beyond to solve my problem. This in turn 4x'd the revenue we were getting from upsells! Highly recommend!”

Meet the customers of Aftersell app :

  • Kitchen Aid

  • Good Americans

  • Bodygym Fitness

  • OBVI.

  • Bloom

  • Miam Heat

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